AfriWon RENAISSANCE is the African organisation for young and future general practitioners /family physicians under the aegis of WONCA Africa region. It was launched in Prague June 2013 at the WONCA World conference.

All undergraduates interested in the specialty of general practice and family medicine, postgraduates in it and young doctors in the first five years after specialisation in GP/FM in the WONCA Africa region are eligible to become members.

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Vision and Mission


The main objective of AfriWon RENAISSANCE is to organize young and future GPs/FM through:

  • Providing a forum in support for trainees and young GPs / FPs in Africa.

  • Developing family medicine and primary health care in Africa in service, training and research amongst young doctors.

  • Establishing a communication network between African trainees and young GPs / FPs and identifying their concerns, doubts and needs and helping to address them.

  • Encouraging a global and youthful African perspective, with global exposure and leadership development.



Key Afriwon programmes will be:

  • Having fun communicating and sharing in a growing circle of African membership! Join our Facebook page.

  • Developing country-based Afriwon membership, structures and activities (in conjunction with WONCA Africa Membership Organisations) - watch out for more. Examine our draft constitution below and share it.

Working had on student exchanges especially across Africa - see "Exchanges"

  • Planning a two day Afriwon pre-conference before the next WONCA Africa Regional Conference in Ghana 2015. More in a couple of months.

  • Developing training and research capacity for the young in our countries and collaboratively across Africa

  • Engaging internationally with other youth movements and WONCA at regional and world conferences


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