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Dr Ana Nunes Barata (Portugal)

My name is Ana, I'm 30 years old, and I'm a practicing Family Doctor from Portugal. I am a member of the executive board of the Portuguese Association of Family Medicine and am coordinating this organization's department of residents and young family doctors.

I have special interests in global health, health management, technology and health, palliative care and gerontology. I'm finishing my Master's degree in Hospice and Palliative Care and am doing postgraduate specialization in Gerontology. I'm also involved in education, introducing residents to Family Medicine.

I strongly believe that intercultural peer collaboration is one of the main drivers for Primary Care. Since my early childhood, I was surrounded by a multicultural environment, which allowed me to grow up and experience the richness that is to interact with different cultures. Thanks to that, I am able to speak seven languages. In Family medicine, I have found my ideal job - the ability to provide holistic care to the ones that are most vulnerable.

I started participating in exchanges in 2011, being my first exchange in Japan. Then I learned about the Vasco da Gama Movement in 2012 and attended my first WONCA Europe conference. Since then, there have been experiences one after the other ... In 2013, my ideal of a global exchange program took its first steps - the FM360 program was born.

Since then, it has been a great experience working with WONCA and the 7 YDM in this project and experiencing first-hand how an ideal became true. A total of 325 inquiries were answered and, until now, 50 exchanges were certified. Seeing the number of young GPs that are benefiting from this program and reading through their experiences is truly motivating and rewarding.

I have also been collaborating with VdGM's Equally Different group, advocating for gender equity in society.

In my life, I have sought to drive innovation, thinking outside the box, while fostering integration and teamwork, respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences. I look out to be resilient, having a positive energy and motivating others to pursue their dreams.

Looking back, when I was first year resident, and seeing where I am at now motivates me to pursue this position in WONCA executive. It is my aim to work closely with the seven YDM, facilitating each YDM's growth in its region, so that they touch the hearts of young GPs and catalyze their dreams.

Exchanges are only the first step to facilitate interpeer collaboration. We should dare to dream higher - research, education and defining policies are examples of other fields that need to be worked on.

It is to my belief that two main ingredients are required to attain new goals, answering to. WHO's development goals and to develop Primary Care at a global level - its keystone, which is inter-peer collaboration and its motor, passion. Working and learning closely together makes us reach further heights and, what ought to be impossible, is suddenly right there in front of us.

And, to me, it is truly outstanding that I am able to empower this process, helping others to achieve their goals.

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