Triennium Goals

WONCA Africa Triennium Goals

The WONCA Africa Region of WONCA has, for the first time has adopted By-laws modelled on the WONCA World By-laws, for their business and activities. This was tested in Cancun during the election of Africa Region executives, when both the spirit and letter of the new by-laws were strictly adhered to, creating an initial litmus test which resulted in success for the new document.

The following goals were set, which we shall try to accomplish during the coming triennium:

  1. Communication improvement amongst member organisations and executive members : we adopted open source information and communications technology for multi users ("Skype") and we hope to conduct our executive meetings and interactive sessions by teleconference.
  2. We shall deploy improved communication as tool for vigorous "membership drives and development". We will follow up the leads of certain countries and organisations that indicate an interest to join the WONCA family and thus we hope to improve our membership during the triennium by at least 30%.
  3. Working towards hosting 3rd Africa Regional Conference in 2012 in Zimbabwe - the location is expected to be scenic and a tourist's delight area, Lake Victoria. We hope the political situation in Zimbabwe will continue to stabilise and be more clement. The entire region will mobilise resources in support of hosting organisation.
  4. Education and training will be encouraged using the principle of the strong ones helping to strengthen the weak. We must accentuate capacity building for education and training and to this end, we shall be looking to our age-long collaborators to assist us improving training in residency for family physicians. Our existing collaborators are: Global Health through Education, Training and Service (GHETS); (THUTS); and Primafamed.
    We shall reopen dialogue and negotiation for extension of their activities and we will look beyond these dedicated past friends and woo new ones for example, regional WHO and our various governments. We shall encourage members to write in and patronise our regional peer journal The African Journal of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine.
  5. Finally, we shall develop mechanisms to raise "funds" for our activities. The WONCA Africa President will support any serious plan and project that can actualise this, including making an appearance in the name of solidarity if invited with adequate notice and planning.

Dr Sylvester Tola Osinowo (Nigeria)
Africa Region President WONCA.

Wonca Africa Region President Dr Sylvester Osinowo (Nigeria) (centre) with (L to R) Immediate Past President Africa Region Prof Kaya Mfenyana (South Africa), Dr H J O Lawson from Ghana (Executive member at large, Wonca Africa Region), Dr Atai Omoruto fro m Uganda (Treasurer Africa Region Wonca), Dr Matie Obazee from Nigeria (Vice President Africa Region Wonca), Dr Tony Omolola (President, Association of General & Private Practitioners of Nigeria) and Dr Muriel Fallala from Zimbabwe (Treasurer Africa Region Wonca).

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