APR Council Meeting Agenda and Paper

WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Council
Meeting 2019

Date: Wednesday15th May 2019

Time: 13:00 to start the meeting

Venue:Room B-1, 2F Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan

Lunch will be providedat the meeting room from 12:00-13:30


AGENDA (Downloadable)

1. Call to order

2. Welcome Remarks

    To welcome observers from Timor Leste, the Cross-strait Medicine Exchange Association Committee of International and Premium Medicine (an Associate Member of WONCA ) and Chinese Medical Doctor Association General Practitioners Sub-association (a Full member of WONCA). And also to congratulate Dr. Fitriana Fitriana for winning the Montegut Scholarship supported by the American Board of Family Medicine and their representative Dr. Wendy Biggs.

3. Approval of agenda

4. Ratification of council member for voting

5. Approval of minutes

5.1 APR Council Meeting minutes from Incheon, Korea.
Already circulated to MOs and confirmed before April, 2019
5.2 Matters arising from the minutes

6. Reports from Regional President (Prof. Meng-Chih Lee)

7. Hon Treasurer's report (Prof. Mohammad Husni Jamal)

8. Invitation to non MO countries

Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Timor Leste, North Korea, Papua New Guinea,Cook Islands, DPRK, Kiribati,  Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

9. Committee and Working Party Reports

9.1 Nominating and Awarding Committee (Prof. JungKwonLee)

9.2 Bylaw Committee (Dr. Brian Chang)

9.3 The Rajakumar movement 2017-2018 (Dr. Erfen G. Suwangto)

9.4 Asia Pacific Family Medicine Journal (APFMJ) (Prof. Yousuke Takemura)
   9.4.1 APFMJ_ANNEX 1 APFM reform
   9.4.2 APFMJ_ANNEX 2 Papers evaluated for 2017-2018(evaluation sheet)
   9.4.3 APFMJ_ANNEX 3 Publisher of the Asia Pacific Family Medicine journal (UGM)
   9.4.4 APFMJ_ANNEX 4 Board Members (Assistant Editors) list

9.5 WONCA APR Working Party on Research (Prof. RyukiKassai)

10. Lyn Clearihan Award -- Report by Editorial Board (Prof. Yousuke Takemura)

Winner team: Mora Claramita et. al

Winning paper: Preparatory graduate professional training in general practice by using the 'experiential learning' framework. Asia Pacific Family Medicine 2018 17:4

Date: May 16, 2019

Time: 13:45-14:00

Room: Main Hall, Kyoto interventional conference center

11. REPORTS (new friends in red color)

 11.1 Member organization Reports

11.1.1 Australia                       
11.1.2 China (Chinese Society of General Practice) 
11.1.3 China(Cross-Straits Medicine Exchange Association Commission of General Practice)
11.1.4 China(Chinese Medical Doctor Association General Practitioners Sub-association)
11.1.5 Fiji                
11.1.6 Hong Kong             
11.1.7 Indonesia (Indonesian Association of Family Physicians)
11.1.8 Indonesia (College and Association of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians)
11.1.9 Japan            
11.1.10 Korea (South)      
11.1.11 Macau
11.1.12 Malaysia
11.1.13 Mongolia            
11.1.14 Myanmar             
11.1.15 New Zealand                                          
11.1.16 Philippines          
11.1.17 Singapore                                        
11.1.18 Taiwan 
11.1.19 Thailand      
11.1.20 Vietnam 

    11.2 Associate members

11.2.1 Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
11.2.2 Foundation of Family Medicine Educators, Inc.
11.2.3 Cross-Straits Medicine Exchange Association, Committee of International and Premium Medicine

12. Governance Issues

12.1.The draft budget for TRM 2019-2020 for the council to approve (reported by Dr.Erfen G Suwangto)
      12.1.1 Proposal on modification of TRM budget 
      12.1.2 TRM Annual Report and Budget Proposal 2019
      12.1.3 TRM global project
12.2 Approval of TRM guidelines (reported by Dr. Brian Chang and Erfen Suwangto)
12.3 APR 5-star doctor for approval by the councils
12.4 Discuss the budget proposal for the Asia Pacific Family Medicine Journal (reported Prof. Yousuke Takemura and the editorial board members)
12.5 Discuss how to respond to Vietnam as a MO but no payment and loss of communication for 6 years.

13. Other Bussiness

14. Elections (President MC to host this session)

Candidates to present for 3 mins then vote

15. WONCA Meetings and Conferences:

15.1   WONCA APR 2019 JAPAN
15.2   WONCA APR 2020 New Zealand
15.3   WONCA APR 2021 Myanmar
15.4   WONCA APR 2022 Australia

Each 5 mins to report                            

16. WONCA APR Regional Conference Bids for 2023(announcement)

  • Singapore, presented by Singapore College of Family Physicians

Each MO to present for 10 mins then vote

17. Date for next meeting

18. Closing remarks


Prepared by: Dr.Brian Chang, Hon. ,SecretaryWONCA APR

1. Call to order
2. Welcome remarks
1. Call to order
2. Welcome remarks
1. Call to order
2. Welcome remarks