Workshops of WONCA Groups

Young Doctors' Movement

Wednesday Oct 17, all day
Preconference- venue: COEX
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Working Parties/Special Interest Groups

Working Parties and Special Interest groups will meet on Wednesday Oct 17 at COEX. schedules of WPs and SIGs meetings

The following list includes many of the workshops/ presentations being run by WONCA Working Parties and Special Interest groups during the conference. Please check for any changes to timing and rooms on the conference programme at

SIG Family Violence with WP Women, WP Rural Practice, and YDM

Joint workshop - Family Violence: Working with the Whole Family
Currently scheduled for Sunday Oct 21 at 08:00 but change requested to Friday Oct 19. please check official programme.

WP on Education

Wednesday, Oct 17th - all day
Preconference workshop. Register here

Throughout the conference WWPE members are active in presentations and workshops covering the wide spectrum of education - please check the programme.

WP on the Environment

Friday Oct 19, 10:40 - 12:10
WONCA’s Carbon Footprint: a Sustainable Practice Policy. Alice McGushin

Friday Oct 19, 14:15-15:45
What Are You Doing about Climate Change/Planetary Health in Your Practice? Alan Abelsohn & Alice McGushin

Friday Oct 19, 16:05-17:35
A Healthy Response to Climate Change: Climate-Action Case Studies and Mentorship. Alan Abelsohn & Alice McGushin

Sunday Oct 21, 10:40-12:10
Air pollution and Health and environmental epidemic. Alan Abelsohn

WP on Ethics

Sunday Oct 21, 10:40-12:10
Ethical Considerations of Physicians Involvement with Politics

WP on Indigenous & Minority Groups

Thursday Oct 18 from 16.30
Indigenous & Minority Groups Health issues

WP on Mental Health

Friday Oct 19 10:40 -12:10
Bread and Butter of Primary Care Mental Health – Guidance Notes Development by the WONCA Working Party for Mental Health (WWPMH). Cindy Lam et al.

Thursday Oct 18, 14:30-16:00
It Sounds So Easy But Is It? Training Trainers for Mental Health Consultations. Evelyn Van Weel Baumgarten, Val Wass, Chris Dowrick

WP on Quality and Safety

Wednesday Oct 17, 09.30– 12.30
Pre conference meeting

Thursday Oct 18, 16:20-17:50
Overdiagnosis and Preventive Measures - Policy and Practice in the European Countries. Jose-M Bueno

Friday Oct 19, 10:40-12:10
First Management of Second Victims in a Rural Family Practice. Jose-M Bueno, M-Pilar Astier

Saturday Oct 20, 14:15-15:45
Implementing patient Safety practices in Primary Care Settings Jose-M Bueno, M-Pilar Astier

Saturday Oct 20, 16:05-17:05
Low Back Pain Tackling in Our Surgery. Can We Improve It? Jose-M Bueno, M-Pilar Astier et al

WP on Research

Wednesday 17 Oct 9.30-12.30
WONCA Working Party on Research Pre-conference meeting. Venue: roomE2, Coex

Thursday Oct 18, 14:30 -16:00
Scientific writing and publishing workshop. Felicity Goodyear-Smith with Karen Flegg, Mehmet Akman

Thursday Oct 18, 16:20-17:50
Developing PHC measures – is it possible to capture the values of PHC? Chris van Weel with Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Ryuki Kassai, Andrew Bazemore

Friday Oct 19, 10.40-12.10
Profiles of Primary Health Care Policy Implementation around the World – from current experiences towards the next phase. Chris van Weel with F Goodyear-Smith, R Kassai, A Bazemore

Friday Oct 19, 14:15-15:45
Identification of research gaps to enable better primary health care models of care and financing in low and middle-income countries. Felicity Goodyear-Smith with C van Weel, A Bazemore, R Phillips, M Kidd, K Bala, H Lawson, I Padula

Saturday Oct 20, 10.40-12.10
WONCA's Academic Members - How Can We Best Support Their Leadership? Amanda Howe with Michael Kidd, Chris van Weel, Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Val Wass

WP on Rural Practice

Rural themed workshops and presentations document

WP on Women in Family Medicine

Wednesday Oct 17, 09:00-17:00 Pre-conference meeting “Rising to the Challenge”. venue: CoEx centre
Pre-register here.   Programme here

Thursday Oct 18, 14:30-16:00
Addressing Mental Health in Emergency Situations-Mental health. Jinan Usta et al

Thursday Oct 18, 16:20-17:50
Skill development for effective research development and publication. Elizabeth Reji et al.

Friday Oct 19, 08:00-09:00
Leadership skills for women family doctors: cultural and region aspects. Omneya ElSherif

Friday Oct 19, 10:40-12:10
Skill Development for Family Doctors to Provide Women-centered Primary Care. Kate Anteyi, Jane Namatovu, Jinan Usta et al

Friday Oct 19, 16:05-17:35
Building & retaining resilience during lifecycle transition. Amanda Howe, Noemi Doohan et al AND
Working Conditions for Women Family Doctors around the World. Lucy Candib, Jinan Usta et al

Friday Oct 19- time not specified
The Perceived quality of life of patients with DM at a district hospital in South Africa. Elizabeth Reji

Saturday Oct 20, 08:00-9:00
Role of Fathers in Child Marriage. Jinan Usta, Nagwa Hagarty, Omneya ElSherif & Temitope Ilori

Saturday Oct 20, 11:40-12:10
Mentorship in Leadership for Young Female Doctors. Martha Makwero, Zorayda Leopando et al

SIG on Ageing and Health

Saturday Oct 20, 08:00-9:00
Improving GP Management of the Elderly. Dimity Pond

SIG on Emergency Medicine

All sessions by SIG convenor, Dr Victor Ng

Thursday Oct 18, 13:20-14:20
Professional Training & Development in Family Medicine/ General Practice around the World - What Is New?

Friday Oct 19, 10:40-12:10
WONCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards: Meeting the Needs of WONCA Membership Organizations.-

Friday Oct 19, 14:15-15:45
Rural Emergency Care Training for Family Physicians (RECTIFY) in Trauma

Saturday Oct 20, 8:00-9:00
The Family Physicians Role in Emergency Medicine around the World

Saturday Oct 20, 14:15-15:45
Basic Emergency Life Support for Family Physicians

Saturday Oct 20, 16:05-17:05
Rural Emergency Care Training for Family Physicians (RECTIFY) - Toxicology

Sunday Oct 21, 10:40-12:10
Increasing Family Physicians’ Capacity to Coach and Mentor Each Other…Who Benefits…Why? (semFYC)

Sunday Oct 21, 8:00-9:00
Emergency Medicine- Can We Incorporate It in Undergraduate Curriculum, Experiences for Different Countries

SIG on Family Violence

Friday Oct 19, 10:40-12:10.
Collaborating in Family Violence across Sectors - the Effects and Benefits

Friday October 19, 14:15
Violence against women, Identify, Protect, Support for Quality Primary Care.

Sunday October 21, 8:00 (reschedule requested to Friday- check official programme)
Family Violence: Working with the whole family (joint workshop)

SIG on Health Equity

Friday October 19, 8:00-9:00
Health Equity Across Nations 1

Friday Oct 19, 14:15-15:45
Health Equity Across Nations 2

Friday Oct 19, 16:00-17:00
Applying Health Equity Lenses in YOUR Own Healthcare Setting

SIG on Quaternary Prevention& Overmedicalization

Friday Oct 19 14:15-15:45
WONCA SIG Quaternary Prevention and Overmedicalization Meeting. Monica Nivelo (Chile), Daniel Widmer (Switzerland)