World Book of Family Medicine -European Edition 2015

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of WONCA Europe, WONCA Europe's Executive Board presents a gift to all general practitioners and family physicians all over the world: The World Book of Family Medicine!

The ‘World Book’ is a series of short stories, reflecting the best of what has been presented at WONCA conferences over the last 20 years, but also with views for the future – updated!

The ‘World Book’ has several inspirational aspects. First the topics were chosen from about 20,000 abstracts, After selecting a short list of 275 titles best representing the daily work of a family doctor, from abstracts from conferences of the last 20 years, a panel from WONCA World Executive and WONCA Europe Executive chose the best 100. The authors had to prepare a contribution in 1000 words or less, with five or less take home messages and eight or less references.

However, since 80% of contributions came from authors that presented at a WONCA Europe Conference and only 20% from WONCA World Conferences, the Editors of the book, Mehmet Ungan and Carl Steylaerts decided to name it “The World Book of Family Medicine - the European Edition”.

Some authors were unable to be contacted (through death, retirement or otherwise), so the Editors selected a few stand-ins, mainly young colleagues who had to tackle a title they weren't familiar with. They did splendidly!

More inspirational aspects? The content of the contribution – with room for a lot of discussion! And finally, that we hope the ‘World Book’ is the first of a series, culminating in 2022 with the ultimate World Book on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of WONCA.


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Want the whole package? Then tune in on October 21 when the World Book will be launched at this year’s WONCA Europe conference in Istanbul –

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Carl Steylaerts & Mehmet Ungan