The second WONCA COVID-19 webinar - Mental Health
In the second WONCA COVID-19 webinar on Sunday 19 April, we focused on mental health aspects of the pandemic. The session considered how COVID-19 affects everyone’s wellbeing, how patients with pre-existing mental illness are at particular risk, and how we, family doctors, can safeguard the mental health of our patients, and ourselves.

The webinar was organized by WONCA and the WONCA Working Party on Mental Health, with the contributions of: Prof Christopher Dowrick, Adj/Prof Sandra Fortes, Prof Christos Lionis and Dr Fahmy Hanna (WHO). It was introduced by WONCA President, Dr Donald Li, and moderated by WONCA CEO, Dr Garth Manning. The in-meeting discussion was led by WONCA President elect, Dr Anna Stavdal.