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WONCA News September 2019

Dear colleagues
This month we promote a great achievement for WONCA – Felicity Goodyear-Smith, our Working Party on Research chair, reports on two papers where WONCA, as an organization, has played a central role in research. Please take a look at what we have achieved!

Our featured doctors are Pramendra Prasad, our new SIG on e-health convenor from Nepal, and Elena Klusova, a young doctor from Spain and Russia who has received a prestigious award in WONCA Europe. Also all the latest Young Doctors’ Movement news is now available.

Please see notices relating to conferences coming soon – WONCA Rural in Albuquerque, EURIPA in the Azores, and for next year Asia Pacific region in New Zealand. Why not plan for 2020 now – see all conferences.

Dr Karen Flegg. WONCA Editor

Featured Stories

From the President – September 2019

The more we can do to prepare for adverse situations, whether it is a disaster or a locality based upheaval of some sort, the more likely it is that family doctors will be in a position to continue to offer the services required, and the more likely it is that patients will continue to have access to those necessary services.

From the CEO's desk: visits to China and Sydney

This month I want to report on two visits which I have undertaken recently. The first was to China, to undertake further practice accreditation visits. The second was to Sydney, for a conference planning meeting and site visit relating to WONCA World, Sydney 2022.

In my view… September 2019

Donald Li, WONCA President writes: Earlier this year, during the World Health Assembly, WONCA agreed to lead a piece of work on the importance of the Primary Care Team to achieve Universal Health Coverage. As family doctors we recognize the importance of working with qualified professional colleagues who provide essential interface and inputs to the delivery of a comprehensive primary care system.

New global research agenda to advance PHC and achieve UHC

A WONCA research team, led by Working Party on Research Chair, Felicity Goodyear-Smith, won two of the grants and therefor conducted two of the studies (on organisation and on financing of primary care). Other members of the research team include WONCA past presidents Amanda Howe, Chris van Weel and Michael Kidd.

PHC Measurement and Improvement Initiative of the WHO EMRO

The first consultation meeting of the Primary Health Care Measurement and Improvement Initiative of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region was held in Cairo WHO EMRO regional office. It was great to see WONCA EMR being given equal billing on this initiative with WHO EMRO, UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (which is funding this initiative).

Walk into the Rattlesnake Pit - WONCA Rural in Albuquerque

The WONCA World Rural health conference comes to Albuquerque in October. Please consider taking up our invitation to present your passion at the “Rattlesnake Pit” session on the Assembly Day of the World Rural Health Conference in Albuquerque, October 12th.



Del presidente: Septiembre 19

Desde mi punto de vista - Donald Li

Grupo Prevención Cuaternaria - los materiales


Du Président : Septembre 19


主席通讯: 2019年9月

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A/Prof Pramendra PRASAD - Nepal

Dr Elena KLUSOVA - Spain/Russia

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