World Family Doctor Day Media Kit

For the 2022 edition, we have created a Media Kit with all the campaign elements, logos, graphic identity to help you tailor your communication and simplify advocacy efforts on the road to 19 May and during the World Family Doctor Day!

In this page you will find Primary Hashtags, Official Handles, and Graphics.

Primary Hashtags


Official Handles


Family Doctor Day
World Organization of Family Doctors – WONCA






World Organization of Family Doctors - WONCA

Suggested Messages 

• On #WorldFamilyDoctorDay we acknowledge the central role of Family Doctors in the delivery of personal, comprehensive, and continuing healthcare for all patients. Join #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022!

• To strengthen global healthcare systems and deliver affordable and high-quality care for all, it is crucial to support Family Doctors and multidisciplinary #PrimaryCare teams. Join #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022

• #PrimaryCare is cost effective. A trained family doctor in the team can diagnose and manage a broad range of conditions, tailoring care and avoiding unnecessary hospitalisations. Join #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022


• #FamilyDoctors continuously provide care in all stages of patients’ lives, and throughout the big and small moments! Join #WorldFamilyDoctorDay and support those who are always there to care! #AlwaysThere2Care 

• #FamilyDoctors are often the first contacts of patients providing ongoing care and follow-up in coordination with other levels of care and #healthcareprofessionals and with multidisciplinary #PrimaryCare teams. Support them and be part of #WorldFamilyDoctorDay. #AlwaysThere2Care

• Besides being #AlwaysThere2Care, #FamilyDoctors are also in constant preparation, developing skills and building resilience to change and adapting to new scenarios, technologies and outcomes. Let’s support #FamilyMedicine. Join #WorldFamilyDoctorDay! 


• By providing continuous and comprehensive care, Family Doctors build bonds of trust with patients and communities, closing health care gaps every day! Support Family Doctors and Primary Care Teams! #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022 #AlwaysThere2Care

• Family doctors provide continuous and comprehensive care to the people that need it most! Support Primary Care Teams and join #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022 #AlwaysThere2Care

• New technologies, telemedicine and teleconsultations help Family Doctors and #PrimaryCare Teams to always be there and carry out their mission and increase access to services. #WFDD2022 #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #AlwaysThere2Care


• We are celebrating with our patients! We promote patient-centred care, mutual respect, dignity and trust. We work to ensure continuity of care and quality of life for all! #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022 #AlwaysThere2Care

• Family doctors are in the position to identify needs and bridge gaps between health and social care, as well as between primary and secondary care. Join #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022 #AlwaysThere2Care

• Invest in strong and safe #PrimaryCare, in support of the health workforce and in health information systems, as the best efficient ways to achieve safe #UniversalHealthCoverage. #WorldFamilyDoctorDay #WFDD2022 #AlwaysThere2Care

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