WONCA five-star doctors

WONCA’s award of Excellence in Health Care called the Five Star Doctor Award is judged on the following five criteria:

  • a CARE PROVIDER who considers the patient as an integral part of a family and the community and provides a high standard of clinical care (excluding or diagnosing serious illness and injury, managing chronic disease and disability and provides personalised preventive care whilst building a trusting patient- doctor relationship;
  • a DECISION MAKER, who chooses which technologies to apply ethically and cost-effectively while enhancing the care that he or she provides; 
  • a COMMUNICATOR, who is able to promote healthy life-styles by emphatic explanation, thereby empowering individuals and groups to enhance and protect their health;
  • a COMMUNITY LEADER, who has won the trust of the people among whom he or she works, who can reconcile individual and community health requirements and initiate action on behalf of the community;
  • a TEAM MEMBER, who can work harmoniously with individuals and organisations, within and outside the health care system, to meet his or her patients and community's needs.

2016 winner

Dr Atai Omoruto - Uganda (posthumous) - pictured right

Read more about Atai's contribution

2013 winner

At Prague in 2013, the winner of the Five Star Doctor Award for this triennium, was announced by Prof Rich Roberts, as being Dr Lucy Candib of the USA. Read more about how Lucy satifies the attributes of a Five Star Doctor -
Dr Lucy Candib: Five Star Doctor

2010 winners

Dr Sonia Roache – Barker (Trinidad and Tobago)
Professor Ruth Wilson (Canada)

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