WONCA Awards Ceremony 2023

The 2023 WONCA Awards Ceremony was a significant event dedicated to recognizing excellence and achievements in the realm of Family Medicine. During the ceremony, on 28th of November, WONCA President Dr Anna Stavdal, and WONCA CEO, Dr Harris Lygidakis, presided over this important event, which celebrated outstanding individuals for their remarkable contributions to WONCA and Family Medicine.

Here's a brief glimpse of the awards and their deserving recipients.

Global Five Star Award

Suha Hamshari, Head of the Palestinian Association of family medicine.

World Rising Star Award

Dr Anna Stavdal and Dr. Sankha Randenikumara jointly awarded the World Rising Star Award to Yong Kui Choon.

WONCA Foundation Award

Dr Anna Stavdal presented the WONCA Foundation Award to Hofmeyr Haarhoff Conradie, with Bob Mash accepting it on his behalf.

Taiwan Family Medicine Research Award

The Taiwan Family Medicine Research Award, presented by Dr Cheng-Kuo Huang, honored four exceptional colleagues:

• Pramendra Prasad
• Jacqueline Javier
• Daniel Mutonga
• Akeem Akinbode

Besrour Centre Family Medicine Early Career Researcher Award

Dr Sadok Besrour, and Dr David Ponka recognized Dr Catherine Gathu and Dr Aishana as the recipients of the Besrour Centre Family Medicine Early Career Researcher Award. 

Montegut Scholar Award

Dr Lauren Hughes, and Andrew Bazemore presented the Montegut Scholar Award to:

• Melvina Thompson
• Khaled el Khatib
• Faridah Amin
• Mel Acuerva
• Paula Henry
• Mariano Granero
• Shyamalee Samaranayaka

Fellowships and Honorary Life Direct Individual Members

Dr Anna Stavdal and WONCA CEO, Harris Lygidakis awarded Fellowships and Honorary Life Direct Individual Members to several distinguished colleagues:


• Mohammad Husni Jamal
• Shyamalee Samaranayaka
• Marie Therese Andrades
• Basharat Ali
• Donald Li
• Alan Abelsohn
• Enrique Barros
• Val Wass
• Shabir Moosa
• Jacqueline Ponzo
• Marvin Reid
• Raman Kumar

Honorary Life Direct Individual Members (HLDIM):

• Nobutaro Ban
• Ryuki Kassai
• Tai-Yuan Chiu
• Karen Kinder

The 2023 WONCA Awards Ceremony was a celebration of the outstanding individuals and their efforts to advance Family Medicine, showcasing the commitment and excellence that define the global community of healthcare professionals. Congratulations to all our winners.

Explore the complete list of 2023 WONCA Awardees in our dedicated Facebook album