The Rajakumar Movement

The Rajakumar Movement

Let us form collaborative bilateral links for a pooling of experience and expertise that will have a beneficial multiplier effect on both partners. Experience in vastly different cultures and environments will make us better doctors and better human beings... Dr MK Rajakumar


The official name of the WONCA Young Doctor Movement in the Asia Pacific Region is The Rajakumar Movement (TRM). The use of this name was assented to in September 2008, Dr M.K. Rajakumar, a well-known Malaysian family doctor who had widely contributed to international activities. TRM was officially endorsed by the WONCA Asia Pacific regional council and launched at the regional conference in Hong Kong on June 5 2009, by Mr Arjuna Rajakumar, Ms Kiren Rajakumar, Dr Naomi P. Harris, Datuk Dr Daniel Thuraiappah. The movement is modelled on WONCA Europe’s Vasco da Gama Movement.

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Convenor / Chair

Dr Wong Ping Foo (Malaysia)

A young, sincere, and capable Family Physician who leads a government health clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is passionate in improving the Primary Healthcare and loves the Family Medicine fraternity very much. 
He holds many important positions in many organisations. He is actively involved with the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia and the Malaysian Family Medicine Specialists’ Association. 
He completed his subspecialty training in Primary Care Non-Communicable Diseases and area of interest in Primary Care for Elderly. He is a mentor by heart and has been training many postgraduate Family Physicians. He also conducts research and develops guidelines for Primary Care. 

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Co-Convenor or other office bearers

  • Erfen G. Suwangto (Indonesia) - Immediate Past Chair
  • Zhaohui Du (China) - Vice Chair
  • Phoebe Holdenson Kimura (Australia) - Vice Chair
  • Mel Acuavera (Philippine) - Honorary Secretary
  • Pinghsun Chang (Chinese Taipei) - Treasurer
  • Basmon Manomaipiboon (Thailand) - Image Lead
  • Suthiwat Khumngoen (Thailand) - FM 360 Coordinator
  • Wee Sian Woon (Australia) – ASPIRE

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Vision and Mission


We envision to bring new and future family doctors together in order to create international best practice in family medicine

Our Mission

We promote family medicine among new and future doctors in the WONCA Asia Pacific Region by building networks for the exchange of experience and expertise for contribution to the leadership development and the advancement of primary health care.


  • Foster mentoring between current and future leaders in family medicine in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Promote continuity of representation by young family medicine leaders in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Allow young and future family doctors an avenue to explore the greater depth of our clinical discipline
  • Expose young doctors to the cultural differences in family medicine across our region and in training towards becoming a qualified family doctor
  • Provide an international perspective on training in family medicine and enable us to work together within our region to strengthen the role of primary health care in each of our communities
  • Contribute to the development of new structures to support high quality primary health care with ideas from the future family medicine workforce.
  • Promote training in family medicine
  • Promote family medicine in the Asia Pacific region
  • Allow learning from the diverse, old and young countries in our region where there are many models of family medicine
  • Interest has been shown from the UK for exchanges in the future

  • Harris N. The Rajakumar Movement. Malaysian Family Physician. 2009; 4(1). ISSN: 1985-207X (print), 1985-2274 (electronic)



    There are many educational and social activities organised by TRM.
    More information can be found at the following link.