Montegut Scholar Award

The Montegut Global Scholars Program (MGSP) was established by the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F) in 2010. The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) is a member of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). The ABFM-F is a supporting organisation of the ABFM. Its primary mission is to support the ABFM’s research and scholarly activities.

Alain Montegut MD

The Montegut Global Scholars Program (MGSP) was established by the ABFM-F in April 2010. It was named in honor of Alain Montegut, M.D., a member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) from 2005-2010 and whose career has been devoted to developing high quality family medicine practice internationally, especially in underserved and/or undeveloped countries.

A program for WONCA regional meeting attendance.

The MGSP was established to foster international education, research, and collaboration in the specialty of family medicine. It will support the attendance of family physicians from Africa, Asia Pacific, East Mediterranean, Iberoamericana, North America, and South Asia Regions of the international organization of family physicians (WONCA) to the WONCA World Conference 2021. 

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2021 Information

The MGSP will provide a scholarship for the selectees from Africa, Asia Pacific, East Mediterranean, Iberoamericana, North America, and South Asia Regions to attend the virtual WONCA World Conference 2021.

1. The North America Award is only open to applicants from the Caribbean College of Family Physicians (CCFP). For WONCA North America, please contact the North America Region President. 
2. For WONCA South Asia, please contact the South Asia, please contact
3. For WONCA Europe, the 2021 application process was concluded. For more information, please contact
4. For all other regions (Africa, Asia Pacific, East Mediterranean, and Iberoamericana), please submit the application form and all relevant documents to the WONCA Secretariat at   


Criteria for all applicants
- Must be a Family Physician/General Practitioner in good professional standing; 
- It is suggested that the selectee be a Physician involved with education, research, and/or committed to improving the quality of family medical care in his/her region;
- The selectee chosen should be a person whom under ordinary circumstances would not have the financial means to attend the referenced conference;
- The selectee should not be part of the WONCA leadership in his/her region;
- It is suggested that the same individual not be chosen to attend more than one conference offered by this Scholars Program.   


For the application form click here (or you can request an application from the WONCA Secretariat by emailing  

When sending your CV and Application to the WONCA Secretariat to apply for the Montegut Scholar Program, you consent that your application will be further shared with the designated Regional Committee. WONCA will process your CV and application solely for the purposes of the selection of the winners of the 2021 Montegut Global Scholar Program. 

Deadline for 2021

- For WONCA Africa, WONCA Asia Pacific, WONCA Eastern Mediterranean, and WONCA Iberoamericana, the deadline is 20 August 2021.

For further details on the application process and deadline, please contact the WONCA World Secretariat at

Scholar Responsibilities 

The selected scholars are expected to devote the entire amount funded toward expenses related to attending the WONCA conference for which s/he is chosen. Should additional funding be necessary for a selectee to attend any of the aforementioned meetings, the individual or his/her regional WONCA shall be responsible for the balance.
In return for the scholarship, each scholar is required to submit a brief report (in English) after the selected conference to the President of the ABFM-F containing the following information:

1. Name, practice address, and WONCA region;
2. A brief report outlining ‘Lessons Learned’ from the designated conference that, going forward, could benefit that physician, his/her patients, residency training programs or trainees, or the specialty of family medicine in his/her region;
3. In the report reference above, the Scholar should list two (2) or three (3) action items that s/he will implement in their region, practice, or training program as a result of attending the conference. 
It is our hope that the scholarship recipient can meet with ABFM physician leaders who are attending the conferences. 

This report will be due to the ABFM-F office [President ABFM-F, 1648 McGrathiana Parkway, Suite 550, Lexington, Kentucky, 40511-1247, United States of America] or via email to: no more than sixty (60) days after the conclusion of the respective conference. Any papers, lectures, or presentations by the Scholar containing information gained as a result of this scholarship should acknowledge the ABFM-F as a sponsor.

2017 selected report

Dr Innocent Besigye (Uganda)

2016 selected report

Dr Kenneth Yakubu (Nigeria) reports on his Rio attendance

2015 selected reports

Shastri Motilal (Trinidad) and Patrick O'Donnell (Ireland)

The first Montegut scholar – Dr Kyriakos Maltezis

At the WONCA executive committee meeting, in February 2011, it was agreed to accept the generous offer by the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F) to establish the Montegut Global Scholars Program (MGSP). The MGSP was established to foster international education, research and collaboration, in the specialty of family medicine. It aims to support the attendance of one family physician from each of the seven regions of WONCA, to their regional meetings, or to the international meeting, in the year when it is held. The first Mongegut scholar was Dr Kyriakos Maltezis, of Greece, who was supported to attend the WONCA Europe conference in Warsaw in September 2011.

Dr Maltezis graduated from the University of Athens, in 1999. He trained in general practice in the General Hospital Sant Panteleimon in Piraeus, Greece and he works in the public sector as a GP. He is undertaking a Masters in Family Medicine and Science Methodology in Primary Health Care through the University of Crete. He has authored a number of papers published in international journals and in Greek Journals. He is involved in teaching undergraduate students in the University of Athens, in medical physiology and general practice.

He also has participated as a volunteer in international missions, in Africa, since 2005, providing primary care services in Uganda and Tanzania. He received an honorary award from the National Blood Donor Organization for his voluntary participation for four years in organising missions for blood collections in district areas all over Greece.   Read Dr Maltezis' final report to the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F).  Dr Kyriakos Maltezis' report to the ABFM


WONCA wishes to formally acknowledge the generous sponsorship of the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F) through the Montegut Global Scholars Program. 

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