Young Doctors' Movements

The WONCA regional movements for young and future family doctors are going from strength to strength. The first group formed, in 2005, was the Vasco da Gama Movement in Europe. This was followed by Asia Pacific's Rajakumar Movement (formed in 2009) and the Iberoamericana-CMIF region's Waynakay Movement (formed in 2010).  More recently in 2012, The Spice Route was formed for young doctors in the South Asia region;  in 2013 two groups were formed - AfriWon in the WONCA Africa region and, the Al Razi movement the East Mediterranean region. The final region to form a young doctors group was North America and their group, Polaris, in 2014. In September 2018 WONCA Executive endorsed the Young Doctors' Movement Operational Guidelines.

Young Doctor on WONCA World Executive
Since 2013, the Young Doctors have had a representative on the WONCA World Executive committee. The representative for 2021 - 2023 is Dr Sankha Randenikumara form Sri Lanka
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Current leaders of each Young Doctor Movement

WONCA region
Leader Email
Africa Ettang Enwongo
Al Razi
East Mediterranean  Anas Almohtaseb.  
North America Rohini Pasricha
Asia Pacific Wong Ping Foo
Spice Route South Asia Zainab M. Anjarwala
EYFDM Europe Nick Mamo
Iberoamericana Alejandro Saldaña

Young Doctor Liaisons of the WONCA Working Parties/ Special Interest Groups 

In 2022, WONCA YDM requested the interested WPs and SIGs to have young doctor liaisons in their executive boards which is in line with WONCA organisational policies. As a response following WPs & SIGs now have young doctor liaisons, carefully selected after an open application process. The main objectives of having liaisons are to increase collaborations of young doctors with the WPs/ SIGs and creating more opportunities to the young doctors to engage in activities important in personal and professional development. Young doctor liaisons in the WPs/ SIGs report to the WONCA YDM Council about their activities and support in mediating collaborative activities. 

WP on Education
1) Dr Bola Fatusin (Afriwon)
2) Dr Brunee Dorset (Polaris)

WP on Mental Health
Dr Ana Bertha Perez Villalva (Waynakay)

SIG on Emergency Medicine
1) Dr Roshan Parajuli   (Spice Route) 
2) Dr Mirian Lourdes Villca (Waynakay)

SIG on Health Equity
1) Naseem Amin Dhedhi (Spice Route)
2) Olga Magdalena Padron Lopez (Waynakay)

WP on the Rural Practice
'Rural Seeds' is the group which represents young doctors of the WP of the Rural Practice and it reports to the YDM Council.

A WONCA statement on the value of exchanges was developed by the YDM and endorsed by WONCA Executive in September 2018. Current contact person is Viviane Sachs

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YDM Global Fund
The Young Doctors’ Movements Global Fund is a platform to collect donations that are going to be used for different activities of Young Doctors’ Movements from all over the globe.

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