Occupational Health

WONCA News has begun a regular feature on the subject of Occupational Health including useful resources for clinical practice. Peter Buijs (right) & Frank van Dijk (left) are the promotors and main authors. They are Dutch occupational physicians and former family doctors, and for many years active in the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH).

In July 2014 WONCA and ICOH made a pledge on Workers' Health - see news item

Pledge on Workers' Health
The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) and the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) pledge to work with our partner organizations (including WHO and ILO) to address the gaps in services, research, and policies for the health and safety of workers and to better integrate occupational health in the primary care setting, to the benefit of all workers and their families.

items from Peter & Frank

September 2014 - Primary Health Care & Workers’ Health

Peter and Frank discuss the joint WONCA-ICOH Statement on workers’ health for the 85-90% of the workers world wide – and their families – who have no professional support and care regarding ‘Work & Health’.

December 2014 - Pledge on Worker’s Health - a ten year incubation period

Peter and Frank describe how 10 years of WONCA and ICOH collaboration led to the common Statement and Pledge.

February 2015 - Common mental health disorders: what about work?

Frank and Peter present reflections and recommendations for the GP when confronted with ‘common mental disorders’ related to work.

April 2015 - Depressive patients, work is relevant

Frank and co-author Karen Nieuwenhuijsen present reflections for the GP when confronted with depression or depressive disorders related to work

June 2015 - What PHC can do regarding the health of workers - Alma Ata 1978 revisited

Frank and Peter deal with a review, commissioned by the WHO, and written by them on interventions in Primary Health Care regarding the health of workers. 

August 2015 - China and Thailand

In this edition, Peter and Frank tell about two good practices, described in the report (discused in June 2015), where PHC is paying more attention to work issues, coming from two newly industrialized countries: China and Thailand.