WONCA Honorary Life Direct Members

Past recipients

Honorary Life Direct Membership is awarded in recognition of contributions to the work of the WONCA Organization and/or to general practice/family medicine on a world basis.
Honorary Life Direct Membership is a category available to recognise significant contributions to WONCA in those instances where the award of Fellow would not be appropriate, but is felt that some recognition should be given. Thus, if a nominee for Fellowship is not recommended by the Nominating and Awards Committee for Fellowship, it may make a recommendation for Honorary Life Direct Membership.

All Fellows and Past Presidents of WONCA receive the award of Honorary Life Direct Membership. Council has resolved that Honorary Life Direct Membership be restricted to 25.

Nominations for the Fellowship or Honorary Life Direct Membership may be made by Member Organizations, Executive Committee or Council. Details of the merit of the candidate being proposed for the Award and a curriculum vitae should be submitted to the Chair of the Nominating and Awards Committee.

In making its recommendations, the Nominating and Awards Committee ensures that the prestigious nature of the Fellowship is at all times maintained, and that the total number of persons holding the Honorary Life Direct Membership is restricted to the number determined by Council.

The Awards are presented to the successful nominees at the ceremony at the World Conference. All nominations for the Fellowship of WONCA and Honorary Life Direct Membership must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae detailing the nominee’s contribution to the advancement of WONCA, his/her own organization and the discipline of general practice/family medicine on an international scale.

Honorary Life Direct Members

  • Dr Stuart J Carne, United Kingdom 1978
  • Dr A Hofmans (Deceased), Netherlands 1983
  • Dr Peter CY Lee, Hong Kong 1995
  • Dr Tomi Spenser, (Deceased) Israel 1995
  • Dr Alastair G Donald CBE, (Deceased) United Kingdom 1998
  • Dr Ole M Olsen, Denmark 1998
  • Dr Daniel J Ostergaard, USA 1998
  • Dr Fons Sips, Netherlands 1998
  • Dr Göran Sjönell, Sweden 1998
  • Mrs Marian C Fabb, Australia 2001
  • Professor Frede Olesen, Denmark 2001
  • Dr Reg Perkin, Canada 2001
  • Dr John MacLeod, (Deceased) United Kingdom 2001
  • Dr Robert Higgins, USA 2001
  • Prof Michael Boland, Ireland 2004
  • Dr Eric McNair (Deceased) United Kingdom/ Zimbabwe 2004
  • Dr Philip Evans, United Kingdom, 2007
  • Professor Bruce L W Sparks, South Africa 2007
  • Professor Chris van Weel, Netherlands 2010
  • Ms Yvonne Chung, Singapore 2013
  • Ms Gillian Tan, Singapore 2013
  • Professor Richard Roberts, USA 2013
  • Prof Taghreed Farahat, Egypt 2016
  • Prof Sir Andrew Haines, UK 2016
  • Prof Michael Kidd, Australia 2016
  • Prof Waris Qidwai, Pakistan 2016
  • Professor Bob Mash, South Africa 2018
  • Professor Amanda Howe, UK 2018
  • Professor Imre Rurik, Hungary 2020
  • Dr Nongluck Suwisith, Thailand 2020
  • Dr Chhabi  Lal Adhikari, Bhutan 2021
  • Dr Donald Li, Hong Kong 2021
  • Professor  Khaya Mfenyana, South Africa 2021
  • Professor Kumara Mendis, Sri Lanka 2021
  • Dr Pierre de Villiers, South Africa 2021
  • Dr Pratap Prasad, Nepal 2021
  • Dr Shehla Naseem, Pakistan 2021





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