Past WONCA officers and other profiles

Profiles of past officers and committee chairs of WONCA, as well as, others who have been profiled such as winners of WONCA awards.

Only those with electronic profiles since July 2012 are currently included.

ABELSOHN, Dr Alan : Past Chair Working Party on the Environment ARIAS-CASTILLO, Prof Liliana : WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF region President 2010-2013 BALA, Prof Kanu: South Asia region president 2016-18 BARNARD, Prof Amanda : Past chair WWPWFM BEASLEY, Prof John: WONCA Fellowship winner 2013 BLASHKI, A/Prof Grant: Past chair WP on the Environment CHUNG, Ms Yvonne: Past WONCA Manager COUPER, Prof Ian: Past Chair Working Party on Rural Practice FLEGG, Dr Karen: WONCA Editor 2010-20, WONCA Executive 2013-18 HEATH, Dr Iona: WONCA Executive member 2007-2013 HELLEMANN-Geschwinder, Dr Ilse: Past WONCA Executive member HOWE, Prof Amanda : WONCA President 2016-18 IVBIJARO, Prof Gabriel: Past chair WP on Mental Health IVBJARO, Dr Gabriel: Past Chair of WONCA Working Party on mental health KHAN, Dr Wahid: WONCA Asia Pacific leader KIDD, Prof Michael: WONCA President 2013-16 KUMAR, Dr Raman: WONCA Executive YDM representative 2013-16 LAWSON, Dr Henry (Ghana): Africa Regional President 2016-18 LEE, Prof Jungkwon: President WONCA APR 2013-16 LEMIRE, Dr Francine: WONCA Executive member 2010-2013 LEOPANDO, Prof Zorayda 'Dada': Past chair WWPWFM LEVITT, Prof Cheryl: WONCA Fellowship recipient 2010 LOH, Dr Alfred: WONCA CEO 2001-2012 MANNING, Dr Garth:
WONCA CEO 2012-2020
MATHIE, Dr Tony: WONCA Europe President 2010-2013 METSEMAKERS, Prof Job:
Executive 2013-18, Europe President 2013-16
OBAZEE, Dr Matie: WONCA Africa region president 2013-16 OSINOWO, Dr Sylvester : WONCA Africa region President 2010-2013 OSTERGAARD, Dr Daniel J : WONCA North America region President 2010-2013 PADULA, A/Prof Inez: Iberoamericana CIMF region president 2016-18 PAREKH, Dr Ramnik: WONCA Fellowship winner 2016 PETTIGREW, Dr Luisa: WONCA Executive member 2013-16 PRASAD, Prof Pratap Nayaran: South Asia region president 2013-16 ROBERTS, Prof Richard : WONCA President 2010-2013 SCHATTNER, Prof Peter : Past Chair Working Party on Informatics SCHMIDT, Dr Wesley: WONCA Executive member 2010-2013 ŠVAB, Prof Igor: WONCA Fellowship recipient 2010 TARAWNEH, Dr Mohammed: East Mediterranean region president 2013-18 VAN WEEL, Prof Chris : WONCA President 2007-2010 Wijegoonewardene, Dr Preethi: WONCA South Asia region president 2010-2013 WILSON, Prof Ruth: North America region president 2013-18