Journals of interest

This list of journals attempts to select those of most interest to general practitioners / family physicians.

WONCA Journals

Asia Pacific Family Medicine

Asia Pacific Family Medicine is an open access journal aiming to provide a forum for the dissemination of high quality regional research and to enhance the standards of family medicine by focusing on best practice. The journal welcomes practical, relevant articles covering the broad range of interests within the field of family medicine


  • Prof Yousuke Takemura, Mie University School of Medicine, Japan
  • Prof Zorayda Leopando, University of the Philippines Manila, Philippines
  • Associate Professor Meredith Temple-Smith, University of Melbourne, Australia


Publisher: Biomed Central

Education for Primary Care

Education for Primary Care aims to reflect the best experience, expertise and innovative ideas in the development of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing primary care education. The journal is UK based but welcomes contributions from all over the world.

Readers will benefit from the broader perspectives on educational activities provided through the contributions of all health professionals, including general practitioners, nurses, midwives, health visitors, community nurses and managers. This sharing of experiences has the potential for enhancing healthcare delivery and for promoting interprofessional working.

We aim to publish:

  • high-quality academic articles
  • practical ideas based on relevant experiences 
  • news and opinions on developments 
  • posters of pertinent research.

Education for Primary Care is the official journal of the UK Association of Programme Directors (UKAPD), the National Association of Primary Care Educators UK and the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA).

Editor : Professor Val Wass

ISSN 1473-9879
E-ISSN 1475-990X
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd. This journal is hosted online by IngentaConnect.

Mental Health in Family Medicine

Mental Health in Family Medicine (formerly Primary Care Mental Health) will promote ‘best mental health practice’ within family medicine. Its philosophy will be consistent with the global ideals of Wonca: to promote inclusivity, partnership and collaboration, choice and recovery within the framework of diversity and the uniqueness of the patient.  

Mental Health in Family Medicine provides essential reading for family practitioners, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, researchers, teachers, healthcare managers, medical and healthcare libraries.

Mental Health in Family Medicine is the official journal of the World Organization of Family Doctors (Wonca) Working Party on Mental Health.

Editor in Chief : Dr Gabriel Ivbijaro

ISSN: 1756-834X 
E-ISSN: 1756-8358
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.This journal is hosted online by IngentaConnect. 

The European Journal of General Practice

The European Journal of General Practice (EJGP) is the official journal of WONCA Europe, the European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine. The EJGP is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal, established in 1995 and published in print and on line. There are four issues each year. It is indexed in Medline/PubMed and Embase. From 2017 it is open access.

The EJGP is aiming to:

  • Foster scientific research in general practice/family medicine (GP/FM) and primary health care (PHC) in Europe, by the publication of original papers, short research reports and systematic reviews of the literature (‘evidence’), as well as papers on methodological issues.
  • Stimulate education and debate relevant for the development of GP/FM in Europe by the publication of a variety of background papers, covering clinical matters, educational topics, or policy issues (‘using and discussing the evidence’).
  • Facilitate the communication between the members of WONCA Europe, its international network organisations and special interest groups, national colleges and societies of GP/FM, academic departments and institutes, research networks, and individuals involved in research and teaching in GP/FM/PHC.

Editor in chief: Dr Jelle Stoffers


ISSN: 1381-4788 (print), 1751-1402 (electronic)
Publisher: Informa Healthcare

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Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine

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Eurasian Journal of Family Medicine

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General Medicine


Huisarts & Wetenshap

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Le Médecin du Québec

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Primary Health Care



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