Executive Member-at-Large 2023-2025

Prof  María Pilar Astier-Peña 

Prof  María Pilar Astier-Peña works as a family doctor in a rural health centre (Centro de Salud Tauste, Zaragoza, Spain).  She is also professor at the University of Zaragoza and belongs to the Medical Ethics and Professionalism Unit.

She teaches medical students on improving clinical reasoning as a strategy to reduce diagnostic errors and improve professionalism. Her research focus is about patient safety in primary care. She has been the chair of the patient safety working group of the Spanish Society for Family and Community Medicine (SEMFYC) since 2012.

In WONCA, she served as chair of the WONCA Working Party on Quality and Safety in Family Medicine from 2016 to 2021, member of the WONCA European Working Party on Quality and Safety (EQUIP) since 2016. Prof Astier was elected Member at Large of the WONCA Executive Committee in November 2021. 

Her main research topics are patient Safety in Primary Care, Improving Clinical Reasoning. Doctors as patients: study to identify quality and safety issue on the process of becoming ill for doctors. 

Prof Astier-Peña is married and mother of 3 children. She enjoys outdoor sports, travelling, reading and dancing.

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Executive Member-at-Large 2023-2025