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The WONCA Africa Region of WONCA has, for the first time adopted By-laws modelled on the WONCA World By-laws, for their business and activities. This was tested in Cancun during the election of Africa Region executives, when both the spirit and letter of the new by-laws were strictly adhered to, creating an initial litmus test which resulted in success for the new document.

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Upcoming Conferences

Regional President

Dr Jane Namatovu (Uganda)

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Other office bearers

Executive Members

Dr Jane Namatovu

Past President
Dr Dan Abubakar

President Elect
Prof Bob Mash

Dr Oluwaseun Olusola

Dr Besigye Innocent

Member at Large
Prof Abraham Gyuse

Member at Large
Dr Kwame Ayisi-Boateng

AfriWon Representative
Dr Mercy Nafula Wanjala

Groups and Organizations


AfriWon RENAISSANCE is the African organisation for young and future general practitioners /family physicians under the aegis of WONCA Africa region. It was launched in Prague June 2013 at the WONCA World conference.

WONCA Africa women

WONCA Women in Africa are flexing their muscles .. find out more.

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