Fundraising Policies and Procedures


The Mission of The Organization is to improve the quality of life of the peoples of the world through defining and promoting its values, including respect for universal human rights and gender equity, and by fostering high standards of care in general practice/family medicine as a key component of high-quality primary care by:

1. promoting personal, comprehensive and continuing care for the individual and the family in the context of the community and society;
2. promoting equity through the equitable treatment, inclusion, and meaningful advancement of all groups of people, particularly women and girls, in the context of all health care and other societal initiatives.
3. encouraging and supporting the development of academic organizations of general practitioners/family physicians.
4. providing a forum for exchange of knowledge and information between Member Organizations, general practitioners/family physicians; and other primary care health professionals; and
5. representing the policies and the educational, research and service provision activities of general practitioners/family physicians to other world organizations and forums concerned with health and medical care.

The objectives of WONCA are:

1. Support and facilitate the development of general practice/family medicine throughout the world and advance the status of family doctors.
2. Represent the consensus view of Member Organizations in international and national fora.
3. Collect, collate and disseminate information concerning the educational, research and service provision aspects of general practice/family medicine.

As per the Art. 8.4 of its bylaws, WONCA may raise or acquire funds by way of commercial activities, levies, requests, donations, grants, bequests, legacies or in any other manner permitted by law, and in accordance with the mission and objectives of the organization.


The objective of WONCA fundraising policies and procedures is to establish the framework that defines and regulates the way in which WONCA conducts diverse activities to obtain resources to support and fulfil its mission.

WONCA code of ethics for fundraising

WONCA will not accept and will return gifts or donations from individuals, institutions, organizations, corporations, or any other entity that tolerates, promotes, supports, participates, produces, or benefits in any way from the following subjects:

• Warlike activities, arms fabrication, or commercialization.
• Products that cause addiction or harm to humans, plants, animals, and the environment.
• Violence and discrimination in any form, intolerance, social disintegration, or oppression of vulnerable groups, gender violence and human rights violation.
• Violent activities, crime, and organized crime.

WONCA gifts and donations policies

WONCA will solicit and accept support only for activities that are consistent with its mission, objectives, and ethics.

WONCA will accept unrestricted funds for research, informational, and educational activities only when the design, contents, implementation, and delivery of such activities are to be determined or approved by WONCA or an independent group designated by WONCA.

WONCA will always maintain its independency, and complete control of all funds provided by corporations, organizations, governments, and individuals.

WONCA will not accept any support that implies or requires endorsements of products.

WONCA’s intellectual assets, including its name, research, and other work, are protected. Donors will not be permitted to use WONCA’s name or other items for commercial purposes or in connection with the promotion of any product.

WONCA and its representatives reserve the right to refuse and return any donation of cash or other real property, services, noncash gifts, or any other forms of support if such support is not in keeping with the above principles or for other reasons that WONCA deems appropriate.

WONCA’s vision and values are not represented by its donors; the reception of a donation does not imply in any case, directly or indirectly, any endorsement, acceptance, acknowledgement, or agreement from WONCA regarding the views and expressions of its donors.

Only approved staff members and the WONCA CEO are authorised to receive donations on behalf of WONCA.

WONCA only accept donations through electronic cards and bank transfers.

WONCA does not refund or return donations that comply with its policies.

Specific Policies for Crowdfunding Campaigns

For crowdfunding campaigns (the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from many people, typically via the internet), WONCA will enable its institutional donations platform to promote the selected projects and present them to the public.

The possible scenarios of a fundraising campaign are the following:

 Scenario at the end of the four-month fundraising campaign
1. The project reaches 100% of its fundraising goal withing the campaign running time.
 a) WONCA will assign the funds according to the budget submitted on the project proposal.
b) The project will be launched.
 2. The project only reaches above 75% and below 100% of its fundraising goal.  a) WONCA will enquire the project committee if the project proposal can be scaled down from its original total budget, to meet the raised funds
If yes
b) the project will be implemented with the new budget.
If not
c) The project fundraising campaign will run for another 4 Months.
d) At the end of the extended time if the funds are still below the 75% of the fundraising goal, the campaign will end, and the funds will be kept by the Collaborative Fund.
3. The project reaches less than 75% of its fundraising goal.  a) The project fundraising campaign will run for another 4 Months.
b) At the end of the extended time if the funds are still below the 75% of the fundraising goal, the campaign will end, and the funds will be kept by the Collaborative Fund.

WONCA Collaborative Fund will transfer to WONCA’s Discretionary Fund the corresponding funds related to the scenarios 2.d or 3.b. WONCA’s Executive Committee will then decide how to allocate these resources.

WONCA will use part of the donation to cover related administrative expenses and overheads (e.g., IT services, transaction fees, book-keeping, audit) and/or to be able to implement the object of the donation.

WONCA’s obligations to donors

WONCA will inform its donors and potential donors about its mission, objectives, code of ethics, and how it plans to use the donated resources, in accordance with the previously agreed scope of the donation.

WONCA provides information on its governance bodies through the publicly available records of the the Swiss Central Business Index and the Commercial Register of the Canton of Bern.

On the donors request, WONCA can provide the most recent audited financial statements.

WONCA will acknowledge and recognise the donor’s contribution, privately or publicly, in accordance with the donor’s preference.

WONCA will handle all donor’s information in accordance with its data protection and privacy policy and will respect the donor’s request for anonymity.

WONCA will communicate to its donors the results and impact of the applications of their donations.

WONCA will ensure a correct utilisation and management of the funds in accordance with its fundraising and administrative policies and procedures and will disclose potential conflicts of interest.

WONCA will keep a database of gifts and donations in accordance with its data protection and privacy policy.