Discover our 2024 Regional Five Star Doctors

Discover the 2022 WONCA Five Star Doctors

Discover the 2024 WONCA Five Star Doctors

WONCA’s prestigious award, the Five Star Doctor Award, celebrates excellence in healthcare. The winners for 2024 have demonstrated outstanding contributions in the five key areas outlined by Dr. Charles Boelen: care provider, decision maker, communicator, community leader, and manager. Here are the exceptional doctors who have earned this recognition from different regions around the world:

Africa Region

Dr. Dan Abubakar (Nigeria)

Dr. Dan Abubakar, Medical Director and CEO of Danex Medical Centre in Ugep, Cross River State, Nigeria, has made significant strides in rural healthcare. As a dedicated care provider, he offers subsidized medical services through a network of rural clinics. His leadership in founding the World Organization of Rural Doctors Africa (WoRA) showcases his decision-making prowess. Dr. Abubakar's communication skills are evident in his roles at numerous national and international medical conferences. As a community leader, he has been honored by the Ugep Kingdom with the title of Oboi Wofai Wana of Umor Otutu and serves on the Traditional Rulers Advisory Council. His collaborative efforts in improving healthcare access and quality in rural areas highlight his excellence as a manager.

Asia Pacific Region

Dr. Karin Estepa-Garcia (Philippines)

Dr. Karin 'Kaye' Estepa-Garcia, President of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians, has significantly advanced family and palliative medicine in the Philippines. She has been instrumental in the institutionalization of hospice care and played a key role in the implementation of the Universal Healthcare Law. As a care provider, she emphasizes holistic patient and family-centered care. Dr. Garcia's decision-making skills have led to the formation of a regulatory board for Primary Care Physicians. Her excellent communication has made her a valued educator and leader, inspiring many to pursue family medicine. She continues to be a strong advocate for primary care and palliative medicine in her community.

Eastern Mediterranean Region

Dr. Maisa Al Kiyumi (Oman)

Dr. Maisa Al Kiyumi, Head of the Scientific Committee at the Oman Family Medicine Society, has made notable contributions in endocrinology and continuous professional development. She established the Endocrine Clinic at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and has been a pivotal figure in training and CPD at the institution. Dr. Al Kiyumi's effective communication skills are showcased through her workshops and educational initiatives. As a community leader, she actively participates in the Oman Family Medicine Society, leading research and collaborative efforts to improve healthcare. Her dedication to patient care and medical education exemplifies her as a five-star doctor.

Europe Region

Dr. Nato Shengelia (Georgia)

Dr. Nato Shengelia, Family Doctor and Head of Education/Quality Direction at the Georgia Family Medicine Association, has over 25 years of clinical experience and two decades in developing primary care systems in Georgia. Her pioneering work in family medicine education and policy development has led to the creation of numerous training programs and national standards. Dr. Shengelia's innovative approach during the COVID-19 pandemic, including establishing online clinics, highlights her adaptability and commitment to patient care. Her leadership and collaborative efforts in primary healthcare have made a significant impact on the medical community in Georgia.

South Asia Region

Dr. Sanath Hettige (Sri Lanka)

Dr. Sanath Hettige, a board-certified consultant in family medicine and a senior lecturer, has made remarkable contributions to medical research and education. He is known for his innovative treatments and inventions, such as the Oil of Dermae Moisturizing Cream and Papaya Leaf Capsules for dengue fever. Dr. Hettige's decision-making skills are evident in his leadership roles within government health committees and medical organizations. His communication abilities have made him a popular figure in patient health education through numerous TV programs. As a community leader, he has played a pivotal role in improving healthcare policies and practices in Sri Lanka.

Iberoamericana-CIMF Region

Dr. Maria Inez Padula Anderson (Brazil)

Dr. Maria Inez Padula Anderson, Scientific Director at the Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine, has over 40 years of experience in primary healthcare. Her leadership in medical education and policy has significantly advanced family medicine in Brazil. Dr. Anderson's communication skills have been crucial in translating scientific knowledge to the public, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her dedication to community health and the development of comprehensive healthcare standards highlights her as an exceptional family physician. Her ongoing work continues to inspire and improve healthcare practices across Brazil.

North America Region

Dr. Aldyth Buckland (Jamaica)

Dr. Aldyth Buckland, Co-Chair of the Planetary Health Working Group at the Caribbean College of Family Physicians, has been a leading advocate for tobacco control and planetary health. Her extensive work in family practice, combined with her certifications in various holistic therapies, demonstrates her holistic approach to patient care. Dr. Buckland's leadership in medical organizations and her advocacy efforts have led to significant health policy changes in Jamaica. Her effective communication and team-building skills have made her a respected figure in both her local community and the broader medical community.

Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and contributions to family medicine and primary healthcare. Their dedication and excellence serve as an inspiration to all healthcare professionals worldwide.