Afriwon Reneisance Update 2022

Report on recent activities

From the beginning of the year, the AfriWon executive group and council had multiple monthly meetings where several key developments were made with the progression of leadership from the previous executive to the new ones. The prior executives had completed the handover process are the new executives are now in full effect in their roles. 

The new executives tasks included maintaining the organisations existing activities and developing new initiatives.

The group mantains multiple undergoing and productive discussions towards the pre-conference holding in Abuja, Nigeri, in November 2022.


The community of AfriWon renaissance is excited about the upcoming pre-conference in Nigeria in November 2022, carring part of the preparation process. The theme of the conference will be announced in July 2022.  

The pre-conference represents the perfect time for all members of the community throughout the continent to meet live in Abuja, which will be the first in-person meeting since the pandemic outbreak. The event will also be held in a Hybrid format though we encourage most participants to attend live. The organising committee is still trying to see how to raise funds for event organisers and members who want to be there but are unable due to financial challenges.

Theme Groups

AfriWon strenght lays on different thematical groups of interest within the community. At the beginning of the year, the goal was to boost these groups participation and increase their members. We underwent a promotion drive to showcase community members to the different theme groups. This activity yielded a positive outcome.


AfriWon is about to embark on a quarterly online newsletter to highlitht the theme groups activities and country efforts. The first edition will be released in July 2022.


We have had a few pieces of training/workshops during this year, and some of the topics include:

• Managing group dynamics and difficult learners
• Balancing clinical workload and educational opportunities in everyday clinical practice

World Family Doctors Day 2022

The World Family Doctors Day 2022 was observed with many doctors showcasing the valued family doctors bring and celebrating with a special focus on those who work in adverse conditions where resources are not available.

Different country groups organised workshops to mark the event while sharing messages on social media platforms.

Prepared by Dr Enwongo Ettang, Chair Afriwon | May 2022