Air Health Train the Trainer Program update

Alan Abelsohn and Alice McGushin from the WONCA Working Party on the Environment (pictured together in Korea in 2018) report on the high level of interest in the WONCA Air Health Train the Trainer Program.

The WONCA Air Health Train the Trainer Program is well underway, with trainers currently completing the training aspect of the program. This is an 18-month pilot training program which will continue until mid-2020.

There were 178 health care practitioners who applied to our program. The applicants came from 52 different countries, with representation from each of the WONCA regions. Map shows countries of applicants.

We were able to accept 62 applicants from LMIC into our program; who will be reimbursed for their activities after training, in educating their colleagues, and advocacy.

We have invited the remainder, including all those from high income countries, to join the training, and to participate as trainers in the same way as the others, but without reimbursement for their time.

Once the training is complete, trainers will then have the opportunity to go forth and engage their colleagues, their associations and their communities to minimise the exposure to harmful air pollution. Outreach activities could include hospital grand rounds, staff trainings, lectures, workshops, articles and position papers. We look forward to reporting on what our trainers achieve!

See WP Environment April newsletter "Green WONCA"