Allies improving PHC

WONCA is pleased to join as an inaugural member of Allies Improving PHC, an exciting alliance of global and local organizations committed to unlocking the full promise of primary health care (PHC) on the road to health for all.

Launching in October 2020, on the 2nd Anniversary of the Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care, Allies Improving PHC brings together a wide range of health-focused organizations committed to advancing PHC on the road to health for all. The cascading health crises sparked by COVID-19 have clearly demonstrated the urgent need to build resilient health systems that protect people’s health and wellbeing. We know that investing in better PHC is the most effective way to meet the majority of health needs in times of crisis and calm, and that PHC will be the cornerstone of effective, equitable health systems as countries recover from the pandemic.

In addition to being at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, comprehensive PHC is also critical to maintaining a wide range of essential services – including vaccinations; reproductive, maternal and child health care; HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria services; mental health; treatment for chronic diseases and more. That is why we’re excited to join together to reinvigorate and advance the historic commitments made in 2018 at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana and at last year’s High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage to lay the foundation for a world where all people can access the care they need to thrive.

This diverse group of Allies will commit to turning these aspirations into reality by doing our part to support countries with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to transform the state of primary health care. Together, Allies Improving PHC will pledge to drive collective action and advocacy, as part of a global movement to achieve health for all, at every age and every stage of life.

As an Ally, WONCA has pledged to:
• Promote PHC as the foundation of universal health coverage by actively and consistently speaking out at key global health moments and in traditional and social media;
• Identify opportunities for collective action to drive policies and investments, grounded in data and evidence, supporting resilient primary health systems that serve all people; and
• Mainstream primary health care improvement into relevant organizational strategy, advocacy, and programming.

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