New Executive, Committees and chairs of WPs & SIGs 2018-2020

Our recent world Council meeting sees changes in the membership and leadership of many WONCA committees. Below you will find members lists for the new Executive (pictured above) and the Statutory Committees, as well as the Chairs of Working Parties (WPs) and  conveners of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Executive Committee

President - Dr Donald K T Li (Hong Kong, China)
President elect  - Dr Anna Stavdal (Norway)
Immediate Past President - Prof Amanda Howe (UK)
Executive Member-at-Large & Honorary Treasurer -Prof Val Wass (UK)
Executive Member-at-Large & WHO liaison - Dr Viviana Martinez-Bianchi (USA)
Executive Member-at-Large - Dr Pratyush Kumar (India)
Regional President WONCA Africa - Prof Shabir Moosa (South Africa)
Regional President WONCA Asia Pacific - Prof Meng-Chih Lee (Chinese Taipei)
Regional President WONCA East Mediterranean - Prof Jinan Usta (Lebanon)
Regional President WONCA Europe - Prof Mehmet Ungan (Turkey)
Regional President WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF - Adj/Prof Jacqueline Ponzo (Uruguay)
Regional President WONCA North America - Prof Marvin Reid (Jamaica)
Regional President WONCA South Asia - Dr Raman Kumar (India)
Young Doctor Representative - Dr Ana Nunes Barata (Portugal)

Statutory Committees

Nominating and Awards Committee

Chair: Dr Anna Stavdal - Norway
Rob Dijkstra - Netherlands
Steve Tsai - Chinese Taipei
Ruth Wilson - Canada
Preethi Wijegoonewardene - Sri Lanka

Finance Committee

Chair: Prof Val Wass - (UK)
Francine Lemire – Canada
Job Metsemakers - Netherlands
All Regional Honorary Treasurers are ex-officio members

Membership Committee

Chair: Prof Marvin Reid - Jamaica
Oraib Alsmadi - Jordan
Jose Miguel Bueno – Spain
Pramendra Gupta - Nepal
Tesshu Kusaba - Japan
Henry Lawson - Ghana
Ruth Wilson - Canada

Bylaws and Regulations Committee

Chair: Prof Shabir Moosa - South Africa
Karen Flegg - Australia
Ana Nunes Barata - Portugal
Dora Bernal - Colombia
Richard Roberts - USA

Organizational Equity Committee

Chair: Dr Viviana Martinez Bianchi - USA
Kate Anteyi - Nigeria
Tin Myo Han - Myanmar
Julien Artigny - France
Thomas Meono Martin - Costa Rica
Kim Yu - USA
Bikash Gauchan - Nepal
Lucy Candib - USA

Working Party chairs

Education – Prof Val Wass (UK)
eHealth – to be confirmed
Environment – Dr Enrique Barros (Brazil)
Ethics – Dr Issam Shaarani (Lebanon)
Indigenous and Minority Groups’ Health Issues – Dr Tane Taylor (New Zealand)
Mental Health – Prof Chris Dowrick (UK)
Quality and Safety in FM – Dr Maria-Pilar Astier-Peña (Spain)
Research - Prof Felicity Goodyear-Smith (New Zealand)
Rural Practice – Dr John Wynn-Jones (UK)
WICC – Prof Thomas Kuehlein (Germany)
Women and Family Medicine – Dr Aileen Espina (Philippines)

Special Interest Groups conveners

Ageing and Health - Prof Dimity Pond (Australia)
Cancer and Palliative Care - Dr Alan Barnard (South Africa)
Complexities in Health – Dr Carmel Martin (Australia)
Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine - Prof Rich Withnall (UK)
Emergency Medicine -Dr Victor Ng (Canada)
Family Violence – Prof Kelsey Hegarty (Australia) and Dr Hagit Dascal- Weichhender (Israel)
Genetics - Prof Imran Rafi (UK)
Health Equity - Dr Kim Yu (USA)
Migrant Care – Dr Guus Busser (The Netherlands)
Non-Communicable Diseases – Prof Domingo Orozco-Beltran (Spain)
Point-Of-Care Testing - to be confirmed
Quaternary Prevention and Overmedicalisation - Dr Miguel Pizzanelli (Uruguay)
Workers Health - Prof Ezequiel Lopez (Argentina)