Discover Praia Vermelha, a Brazilian band of family physicians

Discover Praia Vermelha (Red Beach), a Brazilian band integrated by family physicians.

The group started in 2012 as a band, Empenha, as the members, all family physicians, worked in Vila Cruzeiro, in the Penha neighbourhood, Rio de Janeiro. The band performed at congresses and meetings, with emphasis on the "21st Wonca World Conference 2016e. They also participated in a health professionals movement from the collective Nenhum Serviço de Saúde a Menos (No Health Service Less), both in Rio de Janeiro. 

Their first authorial songs tread through rock, samba, pop-jazz, frevo and ciranda. The current line-up is: Alfredo de Oliveira Neto (Tufa): voice and percussion; Laís Pimenta: vocals; Leonardo Graever: drums; Brenda Costa: bass and percussion; Jorge Esteves: bass and guitar; Moisés Nunes (Zartinho): piano and guitar; Daniel do Vale: guitar and acoustic guitars; Fernando Pedroso: guitars and percussion and Bruno Villar in musical production. 

Last year, Alfredo de Oliveira Neto, a member of Praia Vermelha, led the “Music and Mental Health Project”, along with Arnab Bishnu Chowdhury (India) and Moisés Nunes (Brazil). This effort created by the WONCA Working Party for Mental Health aimed to mitigate through music the psychosocial effects posed by the COVID19. 

Alfredo de Oliveira Neto shared on WONCA News his experience while creating the Music and Mental Health Project. Read more HERE.


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