EURACT International course in Bled in September

Theme: The Scope and Limits of General Family Medicine.

Date: September 23-27, 2014

The annual EURACT course for family medicine teachers at all levels will be held again at Bled in Slovenia 23rd – 27th September. This year’s topic recognises that Family Medicine is facing many challenges as our population ages and there is a drive to move more medical care into our communities. There are ever increasing demands for Family Doctors to take on new and wider responsibilities in diagnosis treatment, prevention, education and administration in addition to our traditional roles. Within the profession there are some voices calling for a broader role for Family Doctors while other strive to set rational limits to the scope of the work. This course aims to address these issues.

The course is aimed at educators in primary care who are involved in teaching at the university or practice level. It will be of interest to educators at all stages of their careers and will offer the opportunity to experience working work in a small group of peers from across Europe.

The course takes place over 4.5 days, each day starts with a plenary session which consists of a plenary lecture on one aspect of the course theme, the rest of the day is spent in small groups during which the participants will have the opportunity to explore the theme in greater depth. A highlight of the course is the opportunity provided by Bled Health Centre to visit patients in their homes.

Each group will produce a teaching module by the end of the week which participants can then take back with them to their own setting. Feedback from the Bled course has been consistently positive the combination of the course content and an active social programme makes for a refreshing and interesting week.

If you are interested in finding out more the course details can be found on:

Jo Buchanan
[email protected]