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Our fifth issue for 2019 is now available online. There is a good international range of undergraduate and postgraduate papers including an open access paper on experiential learning in Japan and on the practicalities of undergraduate clerkships in Botswana . If you are interested in longitudinal clerkships and the challenges of implementation there are three articles offering different perspectives of putting these into practice.

It is really worth downloading the editorial from our deputy editors Sam Scallan and David Cunningham on “Accepting or rejecting qualitative education research: what are our expectations as editors?” They offer excellent advice for both research and evaluation. Download here.

FREE ACCESS is being offered for a paper in the 30:4 issue : As professional identity formation is becoming an increasingly important concept and this paper refers to three important papers on this I felt it offered an opportunity to reflect on how as GP educators we can really support our students and trainees to develop in the challenging and rapidly changing health care environment we all face. “Who we are: exploring identity formation in primary care contexts.” Jennifer L. Johnston & Helen Reid

Free access article
Happy reading and I am as always delighted to receive feedback on whether these articles are helpful and /or issues you may face over access.

Prof Val Wass OBE
Editor Education for Primary Care