Education for Primary Care free access articles December

December, 2020

Prof Val Wass, Chair WONCA Working Party on Education, writes on the latest open access items in Education for Primary Care.

Education for Primary Care:
Issue 31: 6 is now online here with the regular wide range of articles. 

This month, free access is available here for the article: “Reimagining medical education for primary care in the time of COVID-19: a world view.”

This article highlights several issues, namely:
1) The challenges and opportunities for medical education in primary care realised during the COVID-19 pandemic.
2) The importance of utilising diversity, addressing inequity and responding to priority health needs through socially accountable practice.
3) The well-being of educators and learners as a priority.
4) The upcoming new era for medical education outlined by a global connection and shared resources. 

Additionally, you can still access freely to relevant Covid articles from Education for Primary Care here