Environment Working Party news - docs on bikes

October, 2012

Doctors on bikes took the streets of Melbourne, Australian to raise community awareness about the environmental and health benefits of cycling. Ranging from senior physicians through to new medical students, the group dressed in medical garb, white coats and stethoscopes. As the medical pelaton meandered through the central streets of Melbourne, along the famous Yarra river which winds through the city, people looked on in amusement and interest.

Dr Grant Blashki, secretrary of the WONCA Working Party on the Environment said, " Many patients suffer from preventable illnesses that could benefit from more activity, so it seems that riding is good for health and also good for the environment- its a win, win, win- less heart disease, less air pollution and of course less carbon footprint than car travel"

See the youtube video attached about the event which was organised the Victorian arm of Doctors for the Environment Australia.

Dr Grant Blashki