Free access article from Felicity Goodyear-Smith in 'Education for Primary Care'

Prof Val Wass OBE, Chair WONCA Working Party on Education and WONCA World Honorary Treasurer, updates us on this month's free access offering from Education for Primary Care - our affiliated journal.

Education for Primary Care- it is our 30th anniversary : Issue 30:1 is now on line

The editorial “If a clod bee washed away by the Sea……” (John Donne) argues the importance of collaborating globally to move education research forward. The affiliation with WONCA is at the heart of this.

An invited guest editorial from EURACT on Family Medicine Education in the real world emphasises this.

FREE ACCESS for a month is to a paper from our Working Party on Research chair, Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, and her team in New Zealand.
"Legitimate participation of medical students in community attachments."

The authors use Communities of Practice Theory (Lave and Wenger) to explain how important it is to offer positive community placements and why negative ones can be perceived so detrimentally by students . ‘Hospitality,’ ‘Collegiality’ and ‘Responsibility’ matter most . Thank you Felicity!

Remember Education for Primary Care now publishes short reports for those starting out in Education Research - it so important we look critically at what we do and share our findings.