From the Editor: February 2021

First of all, I would like to start with a few lines of appreciation for the hard work and dedication with which Dr Karen Flegg served as WONCA Editor for ten and a half years, becoming the second longest-serving person, only after Dr David Game.

Dr Flegg received the ceremonial cap and took over the role of WONCA News Editor from Dr Marc Rivo in 2010, during the WONCA World Conference in Cancún, Mexico.

During her time as WONCA Editor, she was in charge of the publication of 103 issues, sharing the countless efforts and stories of our colleagues around the world, always with the highest level of professionalism and accuracy, leaving a legacy in  WONCA's family history.

I am sure we will hear more about Dr Karen Flegg in the years to come, and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours, in WONCA and her professional life!

A little about the Editor

I am a Mexican communication specialist and content creator, based in Brussels, Belgium since 2017. I would describe myself as a digital enthusiast, geek, a coffee lover and a soccer fan.

I hold two Master’s Degrees in communication and have been working in digital media for over 12 years. I have worked for the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico, where I was part of the National Digital Strategy Coordination team; and for some of Mexico’s most influential media enterprises such as El Universal, Mexico’s biggest newspaper; and TV Azteca, Mexico’s largest mass media conglomerate.

In December 2020, I became the Communication and Public Relations Officer for WONCA. My role includes the development and implementation of WONCA’s global media engagement plans and PR actions to promote and spread our mission globally. I have also assumed the role of WONCA News and website editor, and although I do not have a medical or healthcare-related background, I feel deeply identified and motivated by the work of family doctors, which I look forward to contributing by spreading WONCA's voice effectively.

About this Issue

For my first edition, I am pleased to introduce the new WONCA Secretariat based in Brussels, Belgium, headed by Dr Harris Lygidakis as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Dr Garth Manning.

This volume also includes crucial information for member organisations, related to the Extraordinary General Meeting in May and the amendments proposal to the WONCA Bylaws, to which President Dr Donald Li dedicates his column, providing all the details of this decisive process.

Despite the pandemic, the efforts and activities of our colleagues around the world have kept pace, constantly adapting and looking for new ways to continue with their mission. This issue provides a glimpse into recent efforts of our Working Parties, Special Interest Groups, Member Organisations and all our colleagues in different regions. You can also catch the latest updates on WONCA Conferences and the upcoming webinars and digital events.

Like my predecessors in the WONCA Editor role, I welcome all your comments, ideas, questions or suggestions! Please note, you can always feel free to drop me a line (or an article) at [email protected].  

Enjoy this issue!


Maria Dolores Zavala, 
WONCA Editor