Gems and PEARLS loaded this month

2018 Goodfellow Gems

Gems are chosen by the Goodfellow director Dr Bruce Arroll to be either practice changing or practice maintaining. The information is educational and not clinical advice. ©The Goodfellow Unit.

The triple whammy of (ACE/ARB) + (diuretic) + (NSAID) - a dangerous trio

New NZ CVD primary care guidelines

7 points for clinical diagnosis of gout without joint fluid analysis

Hydrolysed no different from conventional formula for infants at risk of type 1 diabetes

Two screening questions can rule out depression

Acute gout. Steroids as effective as NSAIDS but fewer side effects

Cold cabbage leaves may be as good as cold gel packs for breast engorgement & better than nothing

PEARLS -Practical Evidence About Real Life Situations

These are brief (minimalistic summaries) of Cochrane Primary care systematic reviews with the answer in the title (so you only read the ones you like).

577 Individual behavioural counselling helps people to quit smoking

575 Antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplements may be beneficial in age-related macular degeneration

574 Oral antifungals effective for toenail onychomycosis

570 Decision aids beneficial for people facing health treatment or screening decisions

569 Computer-generated reminders on paper benefit quality of care

568 Chlorhexidine mouthrinse effective short-term adjunct for dental plaque reduction

567 No evidence of benefits from oral NSAIDs for fibromyalgia