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What is a GEM?
Gems are chosen by the Goodfellow Unit director Dr Bruce Arroll to be either practice changing or practice maintaining. The information is educational and not clinical advice. ©The Goodfellow Unit (New Zealand). With permission, WONCA adds links to a number of these to our website.

Gems added this month
- Iron supplements on alternative days may be as effective as daily with fewer adverse effects
- Ketogenic diet may cause small reductions in weight but no long term data
- No antibiotics for asymptomatic bacteriuria in non-pregnant women
- Bisphosphonate holiday for some after 4 to 5 years
- Oral flucloxacillin 1000 mg with food TDS is probably effective
- Recent opioid use may cause fall-related injury among older patients with trauma
- Primary care weight loss study results in 46% getting remission from diabetes
- Vaginal self-swab better for STIs in women than other tests
- Management tips for the common cold

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