Health Systems and Young Family Doctors - VdGM Forum 2015

A report from the World Café workshop at the 2nd Vasco da Gama Forum in Dublin, 2015: The Best and Worst of Contemporary Health Systems in Europe.

With young family doctor participants and music from across Europe and beyond, the ‘world café’ format workshop on Health Systems kicked into action at the 2nd Vasco da Gama Movement’s Forum in Dublin earlier this year.

The World Health Organization’s 'Health System Building Blocks' provided a framework to three discussion rounds at six tables, each covering a different health system building block and facilitated by a VdGM member. The WHO’s framework offered a structure under which participants were able to exchange knowledge and experiences of their own health system. Discussions were lively and dancing between discussion rounds was of the finest quality!

This report which can be found here brings together the six facilitators' summary of discussions with the aim of sharing the experience and inspiring other young family doctors across the WONCA network to think about their health system and about how to improve it through a 'building blocks' approach.

Facilitators reports included in the attached full report:
Service Delivery - Kalle Saikkonen (Finland)
Health Workforce - Eline Dekker (Netherlands)
Financing – Nina Monteiro (Portugal)
Information – Elena Klusova (Spain)
Medical Products, Vaccines and Technologies - Amy Morgan (Ireland)
Leadership & Governance - Claire Thomas (United Kingdom)

With many thanks to all the participants from across Europe and beyond!

Coordinators: Luisa Pettigrew, Per Kallestrup (pictured)
Facilitators: Kalle Saikkonen, Eline Dekker, Elena Klusova, Amy Morgan, Nina Monteiro, Claire Thomas.

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