Dr Hernan Montenegro from WHO at WONCA Council


At the recent WONCA World Council meeting in Prague, Hernan Montenegro, MD, MPH, Health Systems Adviser at the World Health Organization, Geneva, addressed the WONCA World Council on Working in the international context with WHO and others.
Council members were so impressed by his presentation that many asked to be able to download it from the WONCA website – Hernan generously agreed.

   Download presentation here

Also at the Council meeting was a doctor from Almaty (formerly known as Alma Ata), Kazakhstan – Dr Adriana Youngova.

Dr Youngova told the Council that when the Declaration of Alma-Ata was made, she was only a medical student but now she was representing Kazakhstan in the WONCA council! Dr Youngova's story was appreciated by the Council.

Dr Adriana Youngova speaks at the WONCA Council