Book review: How to do Primary Care Research

WONCA's Working Party on Research through Felicity Goodyear-Smith and Bob Mash have produced a book on "How to do Primary Care Research". A review of this book has been published and can be found online here.

How to do Primary Care Research
Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Robert Mash
First Published 2019. 330 pages

This practical ‘How To’ guide talks the reader step-by-step through designing, conducting and disseminating primary care research, a growing discipline internationally. The vast majority of health care issues are experienced by people in community settings, who are not adequately represented by hospital-based research. There is therefore a great need to upskill family physicians and other primary care workers and academics to conduct community-based research to inform best practice. Aimed at emerging researchers, including those in developing countries, this book also addresses cutting edge and newly developing research methods, which will be of equal interest to more experienced researchers.

Felicity and Bob produced another research-oriented book in 2016 "International perspectives on Primary Care Research" . More information below.

International Perspectives on Primary Care Research.
Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Bob Mash on behalf of WONCA.
 2016. 255 Pages.

This book examines how the evidence base from primary care research can strengthen health care services and delivery, tackle the growing burden of disease, improve quality and safety, and increase a person-centred focus to health care. Demonstrating the inter-professional nature of the discipline, the book also features a section on cross-nation organisations and primary care networks supporting research.
National perspectives are offered from researchers in 20 countries that form part of the World Organization of Family Doctors, providing case histories from research-rich to resource-poor nations that illustrate the range of research development and capacity building.