IWD2022: WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF


On March 8, 2022, we witness a new war unleashed, the persistence of other armed conflicts, the ongoing COVID19 pandemic (plus all its consequences, the post-pandemic) and the planet continues to be threatened by climate change.

In this adverse context, we celebrate International Women's Day the way we all women do: carrying, caring, fighting:

- We carry tiredness, losses and frustrations of these hard years of the pandemic;
- We take care of our patients and communities;
- We take special care of our patients; women, girls and adolescents who bear a burden with poverty and violence in our societies, and repercussions on health and life (there were at least 4,091 femicides in Latin America in 2020, latest annual data communicated by ECLAC)
- We fight so our countries can have health systems closer to people, families and communities, with a wide presence of family and community medicine. At the same time, we fight for the planet, dignity and health care rights.

Everything is very challenging, but we also celebrate this International Women's Day with joy and responsibility:

- Because we are aware of the power and protection that sorority provides us, and we feel the joy and strength of knowing many of us, in many places, from many countries.
- We move forward with the responsibility of knowing that the greater participation of women is essential both in daily work, to reverse the destruction of our planet, and transform it into a habitable (sustainable) world, where human life and that of all species is valued and respected.

Family and community medicine is probably going through one of its most challenging times. Adapting to the needs and demands of a world that is changing rapidly and growing in complexity requires all eyes and contributions, but essentially, now more than ever, it requires women. Understanding and giving rise to this is a challenge for everyone. It is also a women's right. And it's time.

Greetings to all family and community physician colleagues, residents and medical students who already dream of following this speciality: we have a huge task ahead of us!

Greetings to all the members of the health teams and to all the women, adolescents and girls in our communities who teach us every day, with their lives, the wonder and strength of being.

Greetings to all the women with whom we share spaces of management, governance, teaching, research, intersectoral work or daily life. The necessary change requires every one of us.

Let's think together about a world for the future.
Let's think together about family medicine/family and community medicine