In Memoriam: Dr Dan Smith, former Council member of the WP on Rural Practice

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Dr Dan Smith, a beloved figure in rural healthcare and a former Council member of the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice, known for his unwavering dedication to rural medicine.

Dr Dan Smith's distinguished career spanned decades of commitment to the field of medicine. After graduating from medical school in Memphis, Tennessee in 1969, he served in the U.S. Army and later joined his father and brother in a thriving family practice. Dr Smith's tireless efforts and commitment led him to become a Medical Director in long-term care facilities, a Hospice Medical Director, and to hold leadership positions within medical associations. In 1997, he was honoured as the Idaho Family Physician of the Year.

In addition to his domestic contributions, Dr Smith and his wife, Vickie, volunteered extensively overseas, teaching and providing healthcare expertise in China. Their mission work exemplified their dedication to improving healthcare access on a global scale.

Dr Smith was a cherished member of WONCA and a vital part of the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice. He attended numerous WONCA meetings, sharing his expertise and passion for rural healthcare. His legacy of compassion, dedication, and the belief that "You can always do something to help" will continue to inspire us all.

Prof Bruce Chater, Chair of the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice, expressed his sorrow at the loss of Dan Smith, saying, "Dan was one of the early members of Rural WONCA and a great advocate for rural health in the USA. We so enjoyed his company and wisdom, and his tales of walking in the Tetons and Yellowstone."

He further shared, "Our thoughts are with Vickie and their loved ones at this time."

In this time of grief, we remember and honour Dr Oliver Dan Smith's remarkable legacy, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to his family.