Introducing Dr Bhavna Matta - new chair of the Spice Route movement

Dr Bhavna Matta is a Medical Council of India (MCI) and Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certified physician who is currently pursuing Family Medicine Residency (PGY2) in New Delhi.

She graduated from University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine (USAIM) in 2009, and completed her internship at a government hospital, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Hospital, in Mumbai. This further nurtured her clinical skills and practice of medicine through its huge outpatient inflow of over six hundred thousand per year. To gain experience in the corporate sector, she worked as a Resident Medical Officer at Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai.

During her internship and residency, she actively volunteered and organized community camps, construction site camps and health checkups. She conducted a research study on knowledge, attitude and practice study regarding HIV among construction site workers. She proactively initiated and was involved in educating construction site workers and corporate office employees regarding safe sexual practices and life style modifications to prevent non communicable diseases. She also had an opportunity to spend a month in rural clinic at Vaitarna, Maharashtra, which gave her insights into practicing medicine with minimal medical resources. After having diverse experience in different sectors of the society, Dr Bhavna Matta is one of the pioneers in the country who voluntarily opted for Family Medicine residency.

Her area of interest is towards development of training of Family Medicine Residency in India and to establish collaborations with International Organizations to support the cause. Simultaneously, her interest in holistic healing, led her to GMCKS Pranic healing and Arhatic yoga workshops, which give her a whole picture of disease conditions and healing techniques when it comes to practice of medicine.

Dr Bhavna Matta is determined to set forth on this journey to bring about transformation in education and training for Family Medicine in the entire South Asia Region starting from her home country, India.

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