Launch of the European GP Research Network Fellowship Programme

Michael Harris, EGPRN Educational Committee writes:

The European GP Research Network (EGPRN) is now offering Fellowship mentoring to young EGPRN members.

What is the EGPRN Fellowship?

The Fellowship is for primary care researchers who are early in their research careers, and who would like to be mentoring during a Skype-based practical course on research skills.

During the course, three EGPRN Fellows from different countries work with an experienced primary care researcher, who acts as both teacher and mentor.

What happens during the Fellowship?

Over six months there is a series of six one-hour Skype seminars: the three EGPRN Fellows plus the mentor. Fellows have a small amount of ‘homework’ to do between the seminars.

During the Fellowship, the Fellows are supported to design a simple research protocol. The teaching and seminars are based on their needs in relation to that.

Who can apply for the EGPRN Fellowship?

Fellows need to be EGPRN members who have made an oral or a poster presentation at an EGPRN meeting in the last year. Their English language skills need to be good enough to cope with Skype calls. There is no cost to the Fellows.

What happens in the seminars?

Month 1 example:
Discussion: introductions and research interests.
Seminar: how to design a research question.
Homework task: design a research question that interests you.

Month 2 example:
Discussion: present and critique the research questions; choose one of the three questions as a joint project.
Seminar: how to do a literature review.
Homework task: do background reading for the research question.

What happens afterwards?

The EGPRN Fellows are expected to present their research protocol at the next EGPRN meeting. After that, they have continuing support from their mentor while they complete their research study.

Where can I find out more?

Further information and contact details are available at