Meet the New Members of our Executive Committee

This is the beginning of a new phase for WONCA with the appointment of Dr Anna Stavdal as President of our organisation.

We also welcome new members to the WONCA Executive Committee

• WONCA President-Elect, Associate Professor Karen Flegg (Australia)

• President of WONCA Africa, Dr Dan Abubakar (Nigeria)

• President of WONCA Asia Pacific, Associate Professor Mohammad Husni Jamal (Malaysia)

• President of WONCA North America, Dr Jeff Markuns (USA)

• President of WONCA South Asia, Dr Tariq Aziz (Pakistan)

• Young Doctors Representative, Dr Sankha Randenikumara (Sri Lanka)

Executive Members at Large:

• Dr María Pilar Astier-Peña (Spain)
• Prof Shabir Moosa (South Africa)
• Prof Val Wass (UK)

Our best wishes and every success for all!