Meet the New Rural Seeds Ambassadors 2021- 2023

Rural Seeds raises awareness and improves the guidance in training for rural practice for people in the early stages of their career development.
The network, mentored by the WONCA’s Working Party on Rural Practice (WWPRP) and the WONCA’s Young Doctor’s Movement, works to identify the rural healthcare needs in various regions and to understand what improvements can be made through the local and global rural community.

In 2021, the first ambassadors of this fruitful network are completing the Rural Seeds team! 

“Our aim was to show those interested in rural health that anyone can be an advocate and that big changes often start with small steps and working together”

Please check the Call to Rural Video and the closing cycle of the past Rural Seeds Ambassadors: Amber Wheatley, Veronika Rasic, Karine Kersting Puls and Mayara Floss.

Meet the new Rural Seeds Ambassadors and Deputies team 2021-23