Montegut Scholarships to 2015 WONCA conferences

The Montegut Global Scholar Program (MGSP) was established by the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation (ABFM-F) in 2010. The MGSP will provide a USD2,250 scholarship for one family physician selected from each of the seven WONCA regions, to attend their respective regional WONCA meetings in 2015. If there is no meeting planned for a region in 2015 then it will be permissible for the nominee from that region to use the scholarship to attend a meeting in another region.

Brief details below. Full details available on the Montegut Scholar page


Criteria for all applicants
- Must be a family physician/general practitioner in good professional standing
- It is suggested that the selectee be a physician involved with education, research and/or committed to improving the quality of family medical care in his/her region.
- The selectee chosen should be a person whom under ordinary circumstances would not have the financial means to attend the referenced meetings
- The selectee shall not be part of the WONCA leadership in his/her region.
- The selectee possesses proper documents/credentials for international travel

Additional criteria for North America applicants

- The nominee from the North American region should come from the Caribbean College of Family Physicians
 - Should be approved by the North American President

Deadlines for submissions for 2015 conferences

31 October 2014  - South Asia region conference  AND  Africa region conference

30 November 2014
  - Asia Pacific region conference  AND  Congreso Iberoamericano

31 December 2014  - East Mediterranean region conference

Early 2015 (exact date to be advised)  - Europe region conference

Further details are available from the WONCA Secretariat ([email protected]) or on the WONCA website.