More than 2,500 specialists in Family and Community Medicine attended the XXXIV semFYC Annual Meeting

SemFYC Junta Directiva (executive Board) with some of the VIP guests also present.


More than 2,500 specialists in Family and Community Medicine attended the semFYC XXXIV Congress, from June 12-14. Of the attendees, 35% were residents and young family and community physicians.

During the conference, 80 scientific activities were offered (clinical sessions, over 25 workshops, and meetings held with the experts...). Two thousand abstracts were submitted and 1,350 of them were accepted.

All these activities covered topics of interest to specialists in Family and Community Medicine, with presentations by experts, as well as members of the various working groups and semFYC’s programs. The consequences of the economic crisis in the health system and in primary care consultations with the dangerous effects of the application of Royal Decree 16/2012 are two more issues which appeared in many conference panels. In addition, studies on the health of the Spanish population were presented and various activities were conducted with community.

An international congress

The XXXIV semFYC Annual Meeting had a strong international flavour through the Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM), which conducted its own conference. Some of the attendees were prestigious speakers - led by the president of the VdGM, Harris Lygidakis. The Editorial Register of the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Tiago Villanueva, as well as Luisa Pettigrew, (WONCA Executive Board member and WONCA liaison with the WHO) were two of the most outstanding speakers. This panel was moderated by Raquel Gómez Bravo, who was at her last conference as a representative of the VdGM in Spain. A month later, during the 19th Congress of WONCA Europe, she left the position and received a tribute from her colleagues. She is succeeded by Enrique Álvarez, from Spain.

The conference dealt with innovation and survival in times of crisis and was structured in two parts: a preview of short talks on the individual experiences of each of the speakers in three different areas and a second group working on issues that they raised.

In addition, Luisa Pettigrew attended a meeting of the SemFYC Executive Board while visiting us.

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