New Special Interest Group on Health Equity

A new WONCA Special Interest Group on Health Equity was approved by the WONCA Executive in January 2014. Dr WIlliam Wong (pictured) of Hong Kong, is the convenor. Find out more about William.

“Inequity is built into health systems- especially western health systems that are based on a view of health needs disease by disease. Therefore, the benefits of primary care, which is in person- and population- rather than disease-focused, are underappreciated. Data provide evidence not only of its benefit to populations but also of its preferential benefit to the socially disadvantaged.” (Barbara Starfield 2011)

With this vision, a Special Interest Group (SIG) on health equity was approved. Health Equity SIG hopes to bring the essential experience, skills and perspective of interested GPs around the world to address the differences in health that are unfair, unjust, unnecessary but seemingly avoidable. It aims to provide a focus of support, education, research, and policy on issues relating to promotion of health equity within primary care settings.

Therefore we call on any interested practitioners working within primary care to join us on:
• Understanding and utilising the current evidence base for promoting health equity in primary care;
• Exchanging ideas for developing new initiatives for primary care health equity promotion; and,
• Encouraging education and training for primary care health equity promotion.

General membership is open to interested family doctors.

For more information email convenor or see the SIG Health Equity website to find out about objectives, resources etc.