YDM Newsletter: Al Razi (Oct 2023 - Mar 2024)

Newsletter Al Razi - Oct 2023 – March 2024

Al Razi Newsletter 

October 2023 – March 2024

November 2023

Announcement of Council Meeting for Electing New Chair:

The Al-Razi Executive Council meeting took place to announce the results of the nominations and to vote on the new chair for the YDM. Two nominations were received and the voting ensued.

December 2023

Announcement of New Al-Razi Chair:

Dr. Adel Yasky from Saudi Arabia was announced as the new chair of Al-Razi YDM for the biennium 2023-2025. Dr. Adel has been the Saudi Arabian representative since 2018 and the YDM secretary since 2021.

January 2024

Announcement of New Secretary (Vice Chair):

Dr. Marwa Al Raisi from Oman was elected the new vice chair for the biennium of 2023-2025. Dr. Marwa has been Oman’s representative and an effective member of the YDM since 2022.

Announcement of New Executive Council Formulation:

The new council has been elected for the YDM with the following members:

  • Vice Chair: Dr. Marwa Al Raisi (Oman)
  • Treasurer: Dr. Adnane Alaoui Ismaili (Morocco)
  • Member: Dr. Bessan Maraqa (Palestine)
  • Member: Dr. Yusuf Al-Tahoo (Bahrain)
  • Member: Dr. Ola Suleiman (Syria)
  • Member: Dr. Haneen Taher (Jordan)
  • Immediate Past Chair: Dr. Anas Almohtaseb (Jordan)

Aspire Lead:

Dr. Bessan Maraqa from Palestine was nominated and approved as the new ASPIRE program worldwide lead to continue her great contributions and efforts in the leadership field.

March 2024

Regional Aspire Lead:

Dr. Daniyah Al-Ghaithi from Saudi Arabia was nominated for the position of regional Al-Razi YDM representative.

Moroccan 6th Medicine in Arabic Conference:

Taking place on 1-2 March, the Moroccan 6th Medicine in Arabic conference in Agadir aimed to bridge medicine and the Arabic language.