Pratyush Kumar's 2019 Geriatric Health Calendar

Dr Pratyush Kumar, WONCA executive, member at large, and chair of WONCA Rural South Asia is happy to share with you all his Geriatric Health Calendar 2019. Pratyush has created other health calendars in previous years but this year’s focus is on geriatric issues.

WHO has declared 2020-2030, the decade of healthy ageing and it needs a concerted effort to provide optimum care and support to a rapidly growing ageing population, the majority of whom are going to be in low and middle income countries.

Health calendar 2019 focuses on common geriatric issues and how the elderly and caregivers can manage these. The 12 common issues highlighted are osteoarthritis, cognitive health, osteoporosis, falls, hypertension, stroke and heart attack, mental health, oral health, bladder and bowel health, pain and palliative care, diabetes and immunisation. Relevant pictures (credits - google images) have been added.

The aim of this calendar is to promote healthy ideas for healthy ageing and contribute towards awareness and sensitise geriatric needs. Health advice on the calendar includes lifestyle modifications, dietary advice, caregiver support, and suggestions to seek support of a healthcare provider whenever necessary.

This calendar is designed for the general public and especially for the older population. Our last calendar found itself on hospital/clinic notice boards. Sharing the calendar with my patients has helped build trust and rapport and that's what encouraged me to do a calendar again this year.

Download calendar here