President Anna Stavdal sends a message to WONCA APR Conference 2022

To Dr Isti Fujiati as Chair of the Indonesian Association of Family Physicians, Dr Trevino Pakasi as Chair of the Host Organising committee HOC, and Dr Putri Eyanoer as Vice-Chair of the HOC of the WONCA Asia Pacific Conference in Bali December 2022:

It was a humbling and heartwarming experience to join you. I learned a lot, a lot of informal learning.

And I was reassured that companionship, collaboration and unity are the only way forward we shall achieve recognition of family medicine in all countries of the world.

I am looking forward to the continuation of the development of primary care and family medicine in Indonesia. I will support you as best as I can, and to do that, you must keep us posted and make sure you keep each other posted on developments and actions.

You built momentum, now it is up to us together to make the most of it.

My best wishes to you all and a big thank you on behalf of WONCA World.

Dr Anna Stavdal, 
WONCA President